Family Guy: More Stewie!
Family Guy: More Stewie!
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Perhaps it is safe to say that Stewie Griffin is easily one of the trickiest, most fascinating characters on Family Guy.  The one-year-old with the snotty British accent and the perpetual scowl (Simon Cowell, anyone?) has been a personal favorite of mine because his sense of humor, for the most part, had been a lot more, well, cultivated, than the rest of the Quahog residents who, more often than not, just rely on insufferable pop culture references, attempts at political satire, if not blatant toilet humor.

Take, for instance, the time when Stewie appeared on an MTV Video Music Awards.  After reading some lines from 50 Cent's “Wanksta,” he looked into the camera, addressed the rapper, and said, "Well, good luck finding the subject and predicate of that run-on sentence!  And what the bloody hell does it mean, "we don't go nowhere without toast"?

(He then takes out a placard with the words, “Stewie for Governor.”)

And before that, he called some rap lyrics “grammatical curiosities.” What can I say, other than the fact that it was so – British.  Those sorts of things appeal to my geeky nature.

Now that I think about it, and you can correct me if I'm wrong, Stewie seems to be the only character in any animated series that seems to fall into this mold.  Sure, Lisa Simpson comes to mind, but most of the time she's not funny at all, and her geeky overachiever quality is still very American.  South Park is all grossness and inanity, a perfect way to couch its very sharp and biting political commentary.  I don't watch American Dad.

This is saying a lot since Family Guy had, time and again, been accused of being a Simpsons copycat.  They even came up with a poster with the Family Guy characters taking the form of the Simpsons characters.  On it, Maggie Simpson had an evil, conniving glint on her eyes to portray Stewie.  As Family Guy progressed, however, it was clear that Maggie Simpson is no Stewie Griffin.

That being said, it pains me that none of the first six episodes of the seventh season of Family Guy was Stewie-centered.  Sure, he provided the punch lines, like running water on a soiled, violated Rupert on "The Man with Two Brians" and finding the infamous McCain-Palin button on a Nazi uniform on “Road to German.”  The episode “Baby Not On Board” is actually quite deceptive, because while Stewie is being referred to in the title, much of the fun and the storyline still revolved around the rest of the jet-setting family.

Now I am not the type of fan to demand for more screen time and better plots for my favorite characters, but I'm going to make an exception for Stewie.  I also think his being “sexually ambiguous” has gone on for far too long.  Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane has admitted that Stewie is gay.  British and gay. I see some interesting episodes for the animated series if this angle is further developed.

-Glenn L. Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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