'Falling Skies' Interviews: Stars Noah Wyle, Doug Jones, and Executive Producer Remi Aubuchon Tease an Intense Season 3
'Falling Skies' Interviews: Stars Noah Wyle, Doug Jones, and Executive Producer Remi Aubuchon Tease an Intense Season 3
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Falling Skies returns tonight for season 3 and expect changes. Big changes! When we last saw the Mason family and the 2nd Mass, a new alien arrived in Charleston. The show picks up seven months after that fateful day. Ann is pregnant, Hal's dealing with the creepy, black Eye Worm in him, and the country has a new President.

BuddyTV participated in media calls with star Noah Wyle, Executive Producer Remi Aubuchon, and Doug Jones, who plays the new alien. They spilled on what to expect in Falling Skies season 3. Beware: There are some spoilers in the below responses. Proceed at your own risk.

A baby! An infant is disruptive to any family, but especially in a post-apocalyptic world that is fighting for its life. 

Wyle: ... the notion of bringing a child into the world, while it seems inherently cruel, is a biological necessity if these people are going to continue.

And, it seemed appropriate that these two characters had finally put to bed their grief of the lives that they'd loss and the spouses that they'd lost. And through this baby, really forged a commitment to each other. And I think the other kids to a certain extent aren't as clingy to their father as they used to be. They've been sort of chomping at the bit to exercise some autonomy and some independence away from him, and this is the season they finally get it for better or worse. And there's enough of an age disparity that there doesn't feel like there's any real sibling rivalry. The baby is pretty much embraced by everybody until the baby starts to exhibit very odd behavior.

The Eye Worm wreaks havoc on Hal

Wyle: Yes, the eye worm manifests itself differently in Hal than it did in Tom. With Tom, it was more of a tracking device to keep the alien Red Eye and the rebel faction of the Skitters in close proximity to the Second Massachusetts. 

This eye worm is serving a totally different purpose, and basically creating a schizophrenic personality within Hal where he's no longer conscious of his actions at various intervals. And that's a really sort of terrifying prospect to have in essence a mole within our ranks. And, that's a huge part of the season.

The New President is ... Tom Mason!

Wyle: [Tom] doesn't really feel that he's the President of the United States so much as just like the Mayor of a very small town, so his self-deprecating humor about his position in his sort of internal misgivings about accepting it keep him - and to help plot out the course of his leadership arc, it's like wearing a suit that doesn't fit very well in the beginning. And then gradually as the season unfolds, it fits him better, and better, and better. But right now, he's sort of playing at being the President as opposed to feeling or being President. 

Introducing New Characters

Cochise (Doug Jones) from a new alien race, Volm

Jones: [Cochise] comes off friendly and I would like to think that he stay that way, but I think if you look at my character through the perspective of Will Patton's Colonel Weaver or Collin Cunningham's John Pope, those characters are the ones that are kind of the naysayers that are not quite on.

Now Noah Wyle's Tom Mason, he's the one who befriends me and he's the one I'm most interested in because he's the leader of his people, I'm the leader of mine, and we have a lot of responsibility to share together.So I think if you look at him through the perspective of all the characters on the show you'll get a better idea of where he's headed.

Marina (Gloria Reuben)

Aubuchon: Marina has her own experience not only of the invasion, but she clearly seems to have a sense of politics. She was in the background in Charleston way before Tom and the Second Mass ever showed up.

Wyle: She's an interesting character because at first blush she just sort of seemed like Tom's Gal Friday who's going to assist him in his learning curve in accepting the responsibilities of President. But then we come to realize that she's fairly ambitious in her own right and she's got an agenda of her own and doesn't necessarily always agree with Tom's decision making. So it's just a way of creating conflict within Tom's learning curve of power and helping plot that out.

Roger Kadar (Robert Sean Leonard)

Aubuchon: We learn [Roger] has been the "mad scientist" in the bowels of Charleston that's been keeping the infrastructure alive all this time. And obviously also has such a very deep trauma in his experience with the invasion that he won't even come to the surface to interact with other humans.

Wyle: ... rather than make him a fully functioning human being, we wanted him to be almost like a savant or somebody who was wounded to the extent that they were completely anti-social so that they had their own internal. And so the character's back story is you know he's lost his family, and as a result lives in the catacombs underneath the City of Charleston and is responsible for maintaining the generator system that gives us power. But we need him to do more than that, and so that's the conflict there.

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Falling Skies airs Sundays at 9 pm ET on TNT.

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