'Falling Skies' Interview: The Cast on 'Wild Circumstances' and Being Split on Lexi
'Falling Skies' Interview: The Cast on 'Wild Circumstances' and Being Split on Lexi
Meredith Jacobs
Meredith Jacobs
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
There is a lot unknown about Falling Skies season 4, even with it at its halfway point, and most of that is because of Lexi, so that was a hot topic when Moon Bloodgood, Scarlett Byrne, Drew Roy and Sarah Carter sat down to talk to reporters at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. What is Lexi? Who trusts her? Can she be trusted?

Check out the video interviews with Moon Bloodgood and Scarlett Byrne:

Highlights from the interview:
  • Bloodgood said "we need that" when it comes to knowing there's an end point for the show.
  • While most of the characters are in torn clothes and getting dirty because of the post-apocalyptic setting, that's not true for Lexi, but Bloodgood did bring up gelatin on her skin.
  • Bloodgood's favorite episode this season is 6, "Door Number Three," because she got to show Anne's life before the invasion.
  • Meanwhile, Byrne pointed to episodes 6 and 7 as her favorites, with Bloodgood calling her "our big rock star."
  • The 2nd Mass is very split on Lexi, and Byrne attributed that to being scared of the unknown - and Lexi is very much the unknown.
  • However, Lourdes is the only one who's "totally devoted" and "doesn't question anything" when it comes to Lexi.
  • Who is Lexi closest to at this point in the season? Byrne says the Monk.

Check out the video interviews with Drew Roy and Sarah Carter:

Highlights from the interview:
  • Carter doesn't think Maggie is choosing to side with Ben or Hal. She had questions about the peaceful nature of Chinatown, and Ben waking up just snapped her back into it and let her let herself ask those questions.
  • Hal is very clear that he doesn't trust what's going on, and Maggie and Hal are in alliance in that sense.
  • They're up against Tom and Anne. While Hal usually goes with whatever Tom says, this season is all about leadership for him and he's been making decisions in the field.
  • Roy admitted that Hal is more of a family to the 2nd Mass than Lexi. "Things she's doing just don't make sense."
  • Roy is proud to have his own Volm, Shaq, to Tom's Cochise.
  • "Some wild circumstances" are coming now that everyone's reunited.
  • Roy previewed, "We get so caught up in this other huge mission," which has been hinted at subtly all season, just like last season hinted at Lourdes being the mole. Those hints will point to where the finale is going.

Falling Skies season 4 airs Sundays at 10pm on TNT.

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