'Extant' Recap: A Day at Dad's Goes Really Wrong
'Extant' Recap: A Day at Dad's Goes Really Wrong
Margaret McGriff
Margaret McGriff
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After making an abrupt change to a 10 pm time slot, CBS's new show,Extant, opens with the Woods family on the run and Alan Sparks scrambling to track them down before this space pregnancy business gets out of hand and out into the public. Molly needs to confirm the paternity of the baby herself and she figures out exactly where they can go do it.

A Day with Grandpa Quinn

The safest place Molly can think of to go, even if for a day, is to an island where her estranged father lives. His struggle with alcoholism has kept her away for 6 years so it stands to reason why he was surprised to see her and her family under such short notice. And when Molly asks for his old science equipment, he's even more suspicious. He's good though, not pushing for the real reason as to why she's here, and instead trying to prove to her that he's on the straight and narrow. She believes him, trusting him to take Ethan into town for dinner so she and John can be alone. Besides, the pair had such a good time on the beach; Ethan learned quick how to skip rocks along the ocean.

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Their trip into town starts out well; Molly's Dad takes the opportunity to find out what's really going on with his daughter.  All the boy knows is that his parents are arguing a lot and hiding something, though he doesn't know what. They're interrupted by one of Quinn's friends, who invite him out to a local bar for some gambling fun. At first he declines but then changes his mind and before Ethan knows what's going on, he's at the Anchor Bar putting his robot skills to work in winning his granddad some money in some kind of bar game. He's on a good winning streak too, taking a celebratory shot before making an even bigger bet on his grandson's skills. But when Ethan loses, Quinn is pissed and storms out of there. 

On the way home we see why Molly and him were on the outs, with the drunk old man ripping Ethan a new one for losing so much money. After a horrible tongue lashing, Quinn gets out to open the gate to his property. When he gets back to the car Ethan is gone and Grandpa has a lot of explaining to do.

Where's Ethan?

When Molly finds out that Ethan is gone, she is beyond pissed, especially since he spent the better part of the evening in a bar exploiting her son. She's all for laying into him for old times sake but John is the voice of reason. He tells Quinn to get the sheriff on the phone while Molly heads out into the woods with worry and a flashlight.

The authorities show up but when they find out that Ethan is a robot, he has no interest in starting a search. Cool headed John finally left the building, taking a punch at the sheriff and sending him and Quinn to jail.

So where is Ethan? Alan Sparks knew where the family was by the second commercial break and gave the order for them to move in. They snatched Ethan out of the truck, took him out into a clearing, and deactivated him with an electric rod. Ethan is left in the clearing alone as the perfect bait and their plan works. Molly finds him and as soon as she picks him up, a helicopter appears and it's clear that she's been caught.

Molly's Baby is the Answer

Throughout the episode, we got glimpses of the lab that Yasumoto is putting together. We really didn't know why, though the silver cuffs and guys with guns gave us a clue that it wasn't going to be good. His last experiment to find a life-sustaining substance didn't go so well (with a dead scientist whose eyes bled out to prove it!) and he believes that Molly is carrying the answer.

He gets his chance to find out; Molly wakes up to find herself in a hospital bed. She makes a decent attempt at an escape but she was so drugged up that she just ends up in the OR room. There wasn't anywhere for her to go anyway, because the lab is on a moving ship. Molly wakes up again only to be put to sleep as a laser gets working on opening up her belly.

Other things in this episode that made us scratch our heads:

  • It was way too easy to get to Sam Barton. She was Team Molly, doing whatever she could to protect her friend but when Alan threatened the well being of her institutionalized brother, she was quick to comply. Either there's something deeper going on with the brother or Sam was just a victim of story convenience.
  • When John was drawing blood from Molly for the DNA test, Marcus just appeared out of nowhere -- and he looked mad. He pleads with Molly not to let him go. What does that mean?

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