'Eureka' Star Reveals His Thoughts on Nathan Stark's Season 3 Developments
'Eureka' Star Reveals His Thoughts on Nathan Stark's Season 3 Developments
Last week, we reported that Ed Quinn, who plays Nathan Stark on the Sci Fi series Eureka, spoke about the upcoming storylines in the third season of the show.  Now, he delves into the details regarding Stark’s relationship with Colin Ferguson’s Jack Carter.

"It's kind of a continuation of last year.  In the first season, Stark was really brought in to carry the serial aspects of the show; the artifact, Kevin, the consortium," Quinn recalled.  "As all of those story lines have been put on to the back burner as the show moved off into a different direction, Stark seemed to be dabbling with the good side, where you see other people dabbling with the dark side."

More importantly, Quinn points out that his character, Stark “was shedding those old skins of the character that created conflict among all the characters in Eureka, into one who ingratiates himself into the community and becomes more of a part of Alyson’s life and the scientific community in general.”

Last season, we also got to see Stark and Carter work together.  Fans are now eager to find out if this partnership will follow through this season.

"The creators thought that one of the funner relationships was the Carter/Stark relationship," Quinn revealed.  "The characters kind of work well together.  Also because a lot of the story lines got resolved, the conflict got resolved."

Moreover, he points out that despite the fact that Carter and Stark were opposing forces in the beginning of the series, they soon united upon realizing that they have similar missions.

"In season one, Carter and Stark were diametrically opposed.  Carter and Stark just happened to have the competition of the love for the same lady.  In season 2, Stark kind of didn’t have a dark agenda anymore.  He wasn’t battling the consortium or trying to manipulate Global Dynamics," he explained.  "So all of a sudden Carter and Stark had the same objective, to solve the crime and save lives and figure out what was going wrong this week or that week. In the beginning of this season there is some more of that."

Catch Eureka’s new episode as it hits television screens next Tuesday, September 9 at 9pm with Episode 3.6, “Phased and Confused.”

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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