'The Voice' News Roundup: The After Party & New Projects!
'The Voice' News Roundup: The After Party & New Projects!
The Voice might be off the air but it's certainly not over: season two's cast threw one heck of an "After Party" on Wednesday night, and several artists are already working on new music. I've got all the details for you...

Now, I was a little bummed that I didn't get to go to the season's wrap party on Tuesday night (which apparently involved a special appearance from Dan Aykroyd, even), but season two's artists made a special effort to make the fans part of that experience by throwing their own bash, simply and properly called "The After Party." It might not have had a Blues Brother, but it was certainly a night to remember.

Somehow, Team Cee Lo's Justin Hopkins and Team Adam's Pip pulled together more than a dozen members of the cast for one performance. They took the stage at Hermosa Beach's Sainte Rocke around 7:30 and didn't stop the music until near midnight.

And by "they," I mean an exhaustive list including Monique Benabou, Anthony Evans, Nicolle Galyon, Justin, Jamie Lono, Naia Kete, Orlando Napier, Nathan Parrett, Pip, the Shields Brothers, Charlotte Sometimes, Hailey Steele, Adley Stump, Angel Taylor, Jordis Unga, Erin Willett and Kim Yarbrough. They found pretty much everyone they could in the area (except for Tony Vincent, who had a last-minute change of plans, and Katrina Parker, who was singing the National Anthem at the Los Angeles Dodgers game that evening). Justin and Pip did everything they could to make this a fantastic evening.

Which it was: we had the opportunity to hear all the artists doing their own music, which sometimes meant we heard completely new sides of them (like the same Monique who made us get all sniffly singing "The Power of Love" with Chris Mann also delivering a hardcore rock anthem) as well as songs that Voice fans may love already (like Justin's recent single "Love On The Radio").

Beyond that, though, we were reminded that these people really are this talented and their camaraderie wasn't something faked for TV cameras. Here, they got the chance to pick their own songs, and even singing partners (such as Team Christina's Hailey performing with Team Adam's Nicolle). With the competition behind them, they were able to just be a group of musicians hanging out with one another, and that showed in how much fun they were having, which in turn extended to the audience.

They even went out of their way to ensure everyone got in on the action, with an online stream of backstage action and performances available to those who couldn't be at the venue. It more than made up for the lack of a Voice concert tour this season.

Simply put, this was a great concert for fans of The Voice, and as someone who's had the privilege of watching these people sing all season, it was an even better opportunity to have a wonderful evening with them and celebrate the journey we'd all taken over the last year. Here's to hoping we see more collaborations between them in the future...though I don't think we'll ever again see one as big as this.

If you missed it, here's a handy recap video shot by Mike Danenberg:

In addition to coming out for that one special night, many of season two's artists are back in the studio working on new music - and could use your help in putting future projects together!

Both Jordis and Naia are working through the website Kickstarter to get their next ventures funded. You can visit their respective pages here and here to see what they're up to and donate to help them make their ambitions a reality.

And if you missed it when I mentioned it last week, Tony Vincent has recently released his new single "Starting Over," which he's giving away for free to anyone who visits his ReverbNation page. Head here to download it (and stay tuned next week for my exclusive interview with Tony about his post-Voice plans...)

While the show has ended for the season, I'll be continuing to work with the artists to keep you posted on their future albums, concerts and other plans. To be kept up to date, be sure you're following my Voice-exclusive Twitter at @bigredchairs and you can visit my Voice blog at bigredchairs.com.

Is there a particular season two artist you're dying to hear from? Let me know and I'll do my best to include an update in a future column! Until then, keep your ears open...

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