'Perception' Season 1 Preview Guide: More Than Just a Crime-Busting Psychic
'Perception' Season 1 Preview Guide: More Than Just a Crime-Busting Psychic
Does Perception sound like another show about a crazy psychic trying to solve crimes? Think again. This brand new TNT drama definitely brings more than just mind-reading tricks to the table.

With probably its lead actor as one of the most exciting things about this new drama, Perception season 1 sees the TV comeback of Eric McCormack as he portrays the role unlike any other he has played in the past. Here, McCormack plays the character of the esteemed yet eccentric neuroscientist Dr. Daniel Pierce who is recruited by FBI through a former student, Special Agent Kate Moretti (Rachel Leigh Cook), to assist in solving some of its most complex criminal cases. However, while he has been helping the FBI crack difficult cases, he also has problems of his own that have to be dealt with.

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"In the pilot, he identifies himself as a schizophrenic," tells executive producer Ken Biller about the show's lead character. Perception season 1 successfully illustrates Dr. Pierce's masterful comprehension of the mind plus his extensive knowledge of human behavior, which evidently makes him a highly qualified neuroscientist. Despite having extraordinary talent in reading people's minds, he treads a complicated life due to his schizophrenia and poor social skills.

With a varied personality that Dr. Pierce has, how does McCormack relate to his role? When speaking to Broadway World, "What I love about him is that combination of so much confidence and so much crippling fear. And I think if there is anything that I can understand as an actor, I think it's that," tells McCormack.

As he continues to aid FBI in solving the most complex of tasks, will Dr. Pierce be able to overcome his personal problems? How far will his schizophrenia push him?

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Follow Dr. Pierce as he tries to find the answers when Perception season 1 premieres on July 9, 2012 at 10pm on TNT. Think you'll forget? Download the free BuddyTV Guide app to set a reminder, rate the show and more.

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