Eric Dane Lands Lead in New Post-Apocalyptic TNT Pilot
Eric Dane Lands Lead in New Post-Apocalyptic TNT Pilot
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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You can't keep a good man down. As Grey's Anatomy fans still mourn the death of Mark Sloan and the exit of co-star Eric Dane, the popular actor has already landed his next role. Dane will star in a new TNT series called The Last Ship.

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Based on a book by William Brinkley, The Last Ship centers on the crew of a submarine who struggle to adapt to life after an apocalyptic event killed most of the world's population. Dane will play Tom Chanler, commanding officer of the sub who is married with two young daughters.

The show, which thus far has only received a pilot order from TNT, is produced by film director Michael Bay. It's being written by Hank Steinberg (creator of Without a Trace and The Nine) and Steven Kane (a writer on The Closer).

TNT is quickly establishing itself as the home to actors killed off popular shows. Jon Bernthal from The Walking Dead also has a new pilot from TNT, Frank Darabont's L.A. Noir.

Are you excited to see Dane in a new light, or will he always be McSteamy to you?

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