'Entourage' Star Dishes Out on New Season
'Entourage' Star Dishes Out on New Season
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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As HBO hit Entourage says hello to a brand new season, star Rex Lee, who plays Ari's (Jeremy Piven) long-suffering assistant Lloyd on the series, reveals that Entourage season 6 will feature a lot of changes for his character, but fans of the Hollywood-themed series should watch most for Lloyd finally stand up for himself.

"I definitely would not say that I, as Lloyd, receive a promotion - at least not how I would define a promotion... [but] Lloyd is extremely ambitious. This season he will definitely try his hardest to advance."

Lee, 40, has played Lloyd since the first episode of the show's sophomore season. Lloyd will reportedly be replaced as Ari's assistant in the third episode of the sixth season, set to air on July 26. The OC star Autumn Reeser, who plays Lizzy on the series, will take the reins as Ari's assistant.

For his part, Lee said that since he works with Piven the "majority" of the time on top of the "boys," he would love to have more screen time with Constance Zimmer, who plays Warner Brothers executive Dana Gordon.

Asked whether season 6 will delve deeper in Lloyd's relationship with his boyfriend, Lee said yes, adding that "I am proud that the gay relationship is one of the longest lasting relationships on the show."

The boyfriend hasn't gone away- so I am proud that the gay relationship is one of the longest lasting relationships on the show

On the season 6 premiere, Lloyd threatened to quit if Ari doesn't promote him after working as his assistant for three years. Prepared, Ari countered with a proposition of his own.

Also on "Drive" Vince (Adrian Grenier) returned on the fast tract, as he prepared for a driving test and an appearance on Jay Leon to promote his new movie, the Martin Scorsese-directed Gatsby. Elsewhere, Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui) presented Eric (Kevin Connolly) with the idea of getting his own place, but was also worried about hot it would affect his friends.

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