'Bones' Spoilers: The Season 7 Finale, Squinterns and More
'Bones' Spoilers: The Season 7 Finale, Squinterns and More
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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We don't have to wait for the return of Bones before we get into the spoilers, right?

Hopefully not, because we've got a whole bunch of Bones spoilers for your hiatus entertainment. Keep reading to find out the Bones season 7 finale title, casting news and even more.

WARNING: Bones spoilers ahead! Beware...

The Bones Season 7 Finale Title?
Thankfully, there are still many episodes to go until the Bones season 7 finale. But it's close enough that we can definitely start talking about it. Not that there's all that much information available. But we do know the finale title. Probably.

According to TVLine, the final episode of Bones season 7 will be called "The Past in the Present." Alas, we can't be 100 percent certain about this, considering that the same source earlier spoiled that the Bones season 7 finale title was "The Bite in the Beast."

It's likely that the more recent "The Past in the Present" is the correct title. What could that title possibly refer to? It's far too vague to guess.

Changes for Sweets?
Things are going to get interesting for Dr. Lance Sweets in upcoming Bones episodes. For one thing, Sweets may be getting a partner. E!Online reports that a recurring character is being planned to fill this role. But that's not all -- this new partner may also mean a new relationship!

Does this mean Daisy and Sweets are doomed? Maybe...

On a lighter note, Sweets looks to be set for some fun in an upcoming episode. John Francis Daley told TVGuide.com that Sweets and Booth would be investigating a case involved with stand-up comedy: "Sweets has the chance to show Booth his comedy chops."

A Gathering of Squinterns
What do you call a bunch of squinterns when they get together? A herd? A flock? We may need an answer when, in an upcoming Bones episode, almost all of the squinterns work together on a single case.

The teamwork is apparently the result of a challenge from Brennan. T.J. Thyne told TVGuide.com that the challenge "takes a dark, twisted turn and leads to a really intense case."

Need proof that all of the squinterns are getting together? Eugene Byrd (Clark) posted a Twitter video of the lot of them hanging out on the set -- in costume -- together. Check it out here.

Bones Casting Bits
Somehow, even with a starring role on Bones and a new baby, Emily Deschanel found time to be in a movie as well. That film, The Perfect Family, opens in New York on May 4th, and also stars Kathleen Turner, Jason Ritter and Richard Chamberlain.

In the film, Emily Deschanel plays Shannon, the gay daughter of a devoutly Catholic mother (Kathleen Turner). The family's carefully "perfect" life begins to resemble its imperfect reality during a campaign for Catholic Woman of the Year.

Bones has some new casting as well. Jay Paulson (October Road) has been cast to play a graffiti artist -- who greatly resembles the infamous Banksy -- according to TVLine. The character turns out to be especially important to Angela, who wants to reconnect to her "free spirit" past.

The episode is one of the "extra" four Bones season 7 episodes still awaiting an airdate.

Bones returns with new episodes on Monday, April 2 at 8pm on FOX.

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