Eleventh Hour: Episode Preview of "Agro"
Eleventh Hour: Episode Preview of "Agro"
Tonight on Eleventh Hour, Special Science Advisor to the FBI Jacob Hood is going to have a hard time dealing with one of humankind's basic necessities: food.  On “Agro,” Hood and his partner, Special Agent Rachel Young, have to solve the mystery before it's too late.  If they don't accomplish their task, many will suffer and eventually experience a painful death.

“Agro” takes the team to North Carolina, where a family mysteriously becomes paralyzed after eating.  Apparently, evidence suggested that they had a simple, organic dinner that didn't appear to be harmless at first.  Later on, Dr. Jacob Hood (Rufus Sewell) discovers that the food was housing a genetically modified agricultural fungus.  He traces it afterwards to a company that specializes in pesticides.

Hood and Young (Marley Shelton) also tackle the series of cases linked to the problem.  After another family is victimized, Hood realizes that he has to do something to prevent further damage to others. 

Below is the preview clip of the new episode, “Agro.”  Special Agent Rachel Young tells Hood about a family that just got paralyzed after a seemingly nice breakfast.  Called to investigate, the power to get to the bottom of the mystery lies in Hood's hands.  It just goes to show that you never know what might happen when you take a bite of your next snack. 

Previously on Eleventh Hour, Dr. Jacob Hood traveled to Georgia to confront the enigmatic and sudden deaths of several 11-year old boys.  After a series of heart attacks occur, Hood relies on science to eliminate the fear haunting the small town. 

The next episode of Eleventh Hour, “Agro,” airs tonight, October 23, Thursday, at 10pm on CBS.  Also starring on tonight's installment are R. Lee Ermey, Jose Rosario, Dawn Stern, Leith Burke and Robb Reesman.  “Agro” will be followed by the episode “Containment” next week, where a poison outbreak threatens victims in a demolition site. 

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