'Elementary' Review: Sherlock Holmes vs. M.
'Elementary' Review: Sherlock Holmes vs. M.
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Could you imagine Superman without Lex Luthor? Or the Yankees without the Red Sox? Of course not, and similarly, Sherlock Holmes is not complete without a certain professor whose name begins with the letter "M."

Thursday's new episode of the CBS drama Elementary (simply titled "M.") promises to introduce that sought-after part of the character's mythology.

"M." centers on a notorious serial killer played by bad-ass Brit Vinnie Jones whose past crimes in England are connected to Sherlock Holmes' own mysterious past.

The title itself is a huge tease. Obviously the only possible conclusion any Sherlock fan can draw is that the "M." stands for Moriarty, the detective's brilliant foe. But does it or is it all a bit of misdirection? Half of the excitement from the episode comes from waiting for someone, anyone, to mention that name. The way it all unfolds is thrilling and will undoubtedly leave you saying "The game is afoot."

However, the episode isn't all about "M." There are also two other major events that help make this the best episode Elementary has produced so far.

Joan's time as Sherlock's sober companion comes to an end in this episode. Obviously Lucy Liu isn't leaving the show, so the suspense isn't in whether Watson will stay by Sherlock's side, but how it happens.

The episode also reveals some new information about Irene Adler, Sherlock's deceased true love. These revelations offer new insights into his character and allow Jonny Lee Miller to go to some pretty dark places as Sherlock Holmes. If you thought Miller's Dexter character Jordan Chase was scary, just wait until you see an unhinged Sherlock.

"M." is definitely the episode of Elementary fans have been waiting for. The show's first season has been entertaining as a simple crime procedural with a quirky leading man, but it's the roots of the original Sherlock Holmes stories and the ongoing mythology elements that get fans excited.

It also helps set the stage for the show's biggest episode yet as this is the last new installment prior to Elementary's big post-Super Bowl episode on Sunday, February 3.

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