'Elementary' Recap: Organized Crime and Secretive Spying
'Elementary' Recap: Organized Crime and Secretive Spying
Ted Kindig
Ted Kindig
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Bell's recent departure colors this evening's episode, as Sherlock and Watson are increasingly frustrated with their incompetent police force collaborators -- since Marcus Bell's transfer to a secretive counter-terrorism task force, the pair of consultants haven't been too impressed with any of their new consulters. Bell and Team Sherlock are reunited, however, when his new security assignment turns up a homicide.

Mob Violence

Bell's homicide turns out to be mob-related, as a barely recognizable body found in a barrel turns out to be a long-missing mafia player nicknamed Handsome Bobby. Bobby had been suspected of killing a made man in a rival family, and had been laying low for years; when he turns up dead, it's clear that his kingpin father is intent on revenge. Sherlock makes it a priority to find Bobby's killer before the mob does.

When Sherlock volunteers to assist Bell's security force, Bell is less than thrilled. Holmes and Watson make themselves useful quickly, however, as they trace the barrel Bobby was found in to an opposition mobster. When Holmes and Watson go to investigate him, however, the assumed murderer is himself killed by a car bomb. While that essentially closes the Handsome Bobby case, it also portends a mob war.

Strange Bedfellows

The most troubling development of the second killing is the means by which the victim was located: according to Sherlock's investigation, he was found using NSA surveillance that was somehow accessed by the mob, wither with or without full government cooperation. PRISM, the real life mass data collection supercomputer, is found to be secure: the leaked information was only requested by Bell's boss, commissioner of the New York counter-terrorism department.

When Sherlock broaches the possibility with Bell that his boss might be corrupt, Bell is understandably upset -- he thinks Sherlock is trying to tank his career for personal reasons. Sherlock. Nevertheless, all evidence points to a scenario in which the commissioner of Bell's division deliberately leaked information to the mob so that Bobby's murderer would be found and killed.

Sure enough, Bell is shaken up enough to go snooping through his boss's history. The corrupt boss apparently had enough information on Bobby's family to put them away for good, but he instead covered for them for years -- he had been planted on the force as a mob cop. When a clean new investigator threatened to reveal his career origins, the commissioner tried to start a mob war. The force shuts down the corrupt counter-terrorism unit, and Bell returns to his old station.

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