'Elementary' Recap: Lestrade Searches for More Glory
'Elementary' Recap: Lestrade Searches for More Glory
Ted Kindig
Ted Kindig
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Earlier in the season, Elementary introduced literary Holmes regular Inspector Lestrade, here presented as a glory addict who had made a career of taking credit for Holmes's deductions. He's back again in "The One Percent Solution," as Sherlock and Joan investigate the high profile bombing of a group of bankers -- Lestrade is working security for their company.

Together Again

With Sherlock on the case and Lestrade entangled on the private sector end, they very quickly settle into a battle of wits -- that's how Lestrade sees it anyway, Sherlock prefers to view his opponent through a lens of understated contempt. While Lestrade goes in for hokey, new age psychological exercises, Sherlock gets down to business investigating the wait staff. At the same time, a shadowy figure called Aurelius calls into all major media outlets in the city to take credit for the bomb.

Sherlock immediately finds flaws with the supposed confession, noting that it differs from the real Aurelius's philosophical depth. Ruling out ideology, Holmes suspects that the bombing was personal, targeting a specific banker named Laurence Iver. True to his prickly nature, Sherlock goes straight to Lestrade's boss, the CEO of the bank. Sherlock immediately suspects the shark-like CEO of dispatching his rivals, and acquires surveillance footage implicating Lestrade as well. Lestrade had checked his boss into a hotel room anonymously -- perhaps he knew what his boss was up to, perhaps not.

Lestrade pays a visit to Sherlock to apologize for past disagreements, but he still doesn't reveal his involvement in Lestrade's shady doings. While there, Lestrade casually mentions how good help is hard to find, and leaves his card with Watson. She takes that opportunity to steal his phone.

Insecure Security

Sherlock breaks in to Lestrade's office and uncovers a great deal more suspicious activity: he had been tailing the murdered banker quite thoroughly. Holmes confronts him about it, and Lestrade comes clean: his job isn't so much security analyst as it is favor liaison manager, hooking his boss up with desperate people in need of his resources. Sherlock is duly unimpressed.

Holmes's initial groundwork with the wait staff proves a bit more productive, as a radical waiter appears to have inadvertently passed information on the Aurilius's organization -- Sherlocks initial reservations still stand, but he's able to trace the bomb to Aurilius's hideout. When the force storms in, they find a man who was killed by his own experimentation about a week ago -- another dead end.

Sherlock's breakthrough comes when he's able to tie the bombing to a monthly jobs report. Lestrade's history helps them pinpoint a woman who had been present at the bombing, and had seated herself outside the blast radius; she was dues to succeed one of the victims, and was using the report to blackmail the CEO.

With the case closed, Lestrade and Sherlock appear to arrived at some sort of amicable understanding -- particularly since Lestrade turns up with his bags at Sherlock's place, ready to stay a bit in light of a hotel cancellation.

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