'Elementary' Post-Super Bowl Recap: 'The Deductionist' vs. The Profiler
'Elementary' Post-Super Bowl Recap: 'The Deductionist' vs. The Profiler
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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In this special post-Super Bowl episode of Elementary, called "The Deductionist," Sherlock and Watson are on the trail of a serious killer and get some help from an old friend. 

Keeping the Super Bowl Crowd Happy

For anyone who's never seen an episode of this show before, you might perhaps think that starting out with a shirtless Sherlock tied to a chair while two half-naked hookers danced around him was quite normal. It is not, but I like how it turned out to be a stakeout. That did actually make it a tad more realistic for the show. Plus, it gave us another shirtless Sherlock scene and, honestly, you can never have too many of those. 

The Profiler

Kari Matchett (Covert Affairs) did a great job playing Sherlock's one-time lover and current nemesis, Kathryn. I did wonder why he seemed so very angry with her from the very moment he found out she was on the case. At first I thought it was just because he didn't like profilers, then I thought maybe he had more feelings for her than he was admitting. But the truth was ever so much more interesting. Turns out Kathryn profiled Sherlock and did such a good job at nailing down who he was that he was afraid some of her other predictions about him might come to pass. Personally I'm with Watson on this one; no way is he going to go down that dark road, especially now that he has a new friend in his life. 

The Serial Killer

Howard Ennis was a fairly terrifying character and one that was well-matched for both Sherlock and Kathryn. I suspected that the sister might be involved from the beginning, but I did not see her stabbing Kathryn as part of the story. That was a nice little surprise. I also enjoyed the final scene with Sherlock and Howard and the way Sherlock got to be a bit of a badass. I know his skills are more of the cerebral kind, but it's fun to see him get physical every once in a while. We know he has studied all kinds of martial arts, so why not let him show them off, right?

My favorite bits and quotes:

"I've never been robbed by people in their underwear before."

Gotta love Holmes setting up a couple hookers. I'm sure he enjoyed the heck out of that. 

So far I have counted near-naked women, a shirtless Sherlock and martial arts. Yep, this is a post-Super Bowl episode all right. 

"It's been a long time since I've seen someone so afraid of me. I've missed it." - Yeah, that's not creepy at all. 

"Isn't profiling part of what you do?" 
"I deduce. Enormous difference."

Watson finding out that the man subletting her apartment had been filming, ahem, adult films. 

"You haven't asked why I'm lying on the table. You are clearly distracted." - Either that, or she's just used to him by now. 

Sherlock going off on a tangent about the very loud love-making, without any love at all, that he and Kathryn took part in when they were in London. 

"Excuse me?"
Poppy. Cock."

Sherlock asking Watson if her tenant had talked her into a sequel. 

Ennis figuring out that Sherlock was The Deductionist. 

"I think his demands are quite reasonable."

Watson pointing out that Sherlock had made a friend in her, which Kathryn said would never happen. 

Sherlock watching one of the films set in Watson's apartment. Awkward. 

"And if you haven't already, I strongly suggest you find yourself a new spatula." - Eeeeeew. 

"I'm in a hurry. Shall I select your undergarments as well?"

Sherlock daring Ennis to go for the gun. 

Sherlock beating the crap out of Ennis. Whoa!

Sherlock reminding Gregson that he did text as soon as Ennis entered the building. 

"How's Kathryn?"
 "Unconscious, and yet still somehow annoying to me."

Really, really wanting to know what Sherlock did to Watson's toothbrush. 

What did you think of this special post-Super Bowl episode of Elementary? Do you hope that Kathryn will be back someday? Do you think her prediction for Sherlock will come true?

Elementary airs on Thursday nights at 10pm on CBS.

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