'Elementary' Casting News: Everwood Alum Will Play Watson's Mom
'Elementary' Casting News: Everwood Alum Will Play Watson's Mom
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The first season of Elementary has slowly started to develop the characters of Holmes and Watson and soon that development will be taken a step further when we get to meet Watson's mother. 

TVLine reports that Freda Foh Shen (Everwood, Close to Home) will appear on the show as Joan Watson's mother. Mary Watson is slated to appear in episode 9, which is set to air on December 13. 

Apparently momma Watson is less-than-pleased with her daughter's choice of profession, which goes along with what we know from the pilot. Executive producer Rob Doherty explains that Watson  "doesn't feel a tremendous amount of support from [her parents] when it comes to her second career as a sober companion."

But apparently the story will go a lot farther than that. Doherty continues, "Mom will meet Sherlock. Given what we know about mom - or heard about mom - and given what we know for sure about Sherlock, you can see it going a certain way. I feel like we're going to tell a story with a few lovely, little surprises."

Seeing as Watson was once a surgeon, I'd say it's not a surprise at all that her mother wouldn't be too happy about her decision to change careers. I'm tickled at the idea of Holmes meeting Mary. I don't think he'll put his caustic personality aside for the meeting, and Joan is sure to be mortified by pretty much everything that he says and does during her mom's visit. 

I wonder if it's possible though that Holmes and Mary could find some sort of equal ground, perhaps in their mutual affection for Joan. Maybe the two of them will even join forces and both try to encourage Joan to go back to her career as a surgeon. Her job with Holmes won't last forever, after all. 

My guess is that Holmes will annoy Mary to no end and she'll probably leave town still unhappy about her daughter's choices. But maybe the two will figure out how to understand each other a little better and Watson will be able to get her parents to understand why she needed to make a change in her life. 

Either way, I predict a lot of fun when Mary comes to visit Holmes and Watson. What do you think of the news about Watson's mom coming to Elementary? How do you think she and Holmes will get along?

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