'Dynasty' Recap: Cristal's Dirty Little Secrets
'Dynasty' Recap: Cristal's Dirty Little Secrets
Sarah Luoma
Sarah Luoma
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Its Christmas for the Carringtons on Dynasty. From tree lightnings to company gifts, all of them are wrapped up in getting what they want. For Fallon, its Michael but since she can't have him she wants to be friends with Kori. Steven wants to take down Stansfield while Cristal teams up with an unlikely partner to take care of her past.
Michael wants Fallon to give him and Kori space. They may have shared pie on Thanksgiving, but he needs to move on and he needs her to stay clear of them. Fallon doesn't take this well. She invites Kori to the Carrington Christmas Tree Lightning. Kori isn't happy about the invitation. She wants nothing to do with Fallon.

Dead Fish

Cristal goes to the doctors. Blake might be trying to have a baby with her but she isn't trying. She has an IUD! And it is good for 2 more years, the doctor tells her. Cristal is relieved. It seems she might already have a child. While she is on the table, she has a flashback to the time she became pregnant. Sammy's mother was upset when she broke the news, but Cristal told her she could do it all alone.

After Cristal gets out of the doctor's she finds a note to her and a cooler of dead bloody fish in her car. Her enemies have finally found her and she needs to do something fast. She heads home with the cooler, dropping it accidentally at the feet of Anders. We already know he is aware of her real name.


Blake gets a visit from Stansfield. He threatens Blake after finding out Steven moved the foundation money.Steven is trying to do right for the kids, but it looks like Blake has illegal plans for the money. Steven meets with Jeff to see if he can look into some cases that Stansfield was on.

Steven's poking around gets him kidnapped. After he is taken to a warehouse, the kidnapper shows who he is. It's Blake. He tells Steven the next time it won't be him. It will be someone else. He needs to leave the Stansfield thing alone. Of course, Steven doesn't and goes right back to Jeff to keep working on taking Stansfield down. It is only a matter of time before he learns his father paid off Stansfield to save him from getting taken in on murder charges. Steven decides to drop it all. Jeff isn't so willing. he pays off Stansfield to leave town and also keeps the recordings of the meetings for himself. 

Steven also leaves town in his limo, headed to see an ex in New York. The Stansfield situation really seems to be eating at him and the fact that he got a man killed as we see him using cocaine. 

Double Agent

Sammy Jo didn't spend his time poolside this week. He needs to etch out a spot on the family tree somehow, a realization that comes to him after Fallon tells him he isn't a Carrington so his opinions on anything doesn't matter. Like a true Carrington, he plays Blake and Fallon by spying on both of them and feeding each business secrets as they compete to one up each other with gifts for their clients for Christmas. In the end, Fallon likes his sly ways and wants to show him a thing or two.


There was no way Fallon could keep up the good girl act with Kori. Fallon takes Jeff to the Christmas Tree Lightning after learning Michael is going with Kori. It is an event Fallon always goes to with Michael. Reminscent of her time there with Michael, she takes Jeff to their spot on the roof only to find Michael and Kori getting it on there! Upset, she steals their clothes and leaves them locked on the rooftop. 

An Unlikely Pair

Desperate for help, Cristal turns to Anders. She needs money to make the men go away. Surprisingly, Anders agrees. He will keep her past quiet, but not her future. He knows she cannot get pregnant and he has to tell Blake. He helps her drop off money to the men. She thinks it is finally over but she still needs to tell Blake the truth.

Just when you think Blake is unforgiving, Cristal tells him everything about her past. Or so it seems. Blake is sweet and understanding but is quick to tell Anders to look into Cristal's past. What will he find?

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