'Dynasty' Recap: Cristal and Blake's Unexpected House Guest
'Dynasty' Recap: Cristal and Blake's Unexpected House Guest
Sarah Luoma
Sarah Luoma
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In this episode of Dynasty, Fallon is feeling the cold with everyone turning their back on her. She did after all, burn all of her bridges. Steven isn't sad to see her pack up and leave the house while Jeff tells her to make an appointment if she wants to talk to him as he has things to do. With Michael and her father no longer talking to her, Fallon has nowhere else to turn.

She does manage to talk Jeff into giving her one more chance. She knows they can win over a client she has been eyeing. The only thing - they need to throw a launch party at his house now that she is living at the Ritz and feeling sorry for herself. Fallon definitely thinks she is the victim!

The Girl Scout

After hitting Claudia with his car, Blake feels like he and Cristal have done their part by getting her into a room alone at the hospital. Things take a strange turn when they discover Claudia is pregnant and Cristal wants to take her home.

Claudia has no family and she needs to be taken care of. Is it Cristal's way of redeeming herself for all her bad deeds? Claudia thinks so and she makes it very clear to Cristal that they don't have anything in common. She is only staying at the manor because it makes sense for her recovery.

The Job Hunt

After taking some of Ander's words to heart and bored of lying around sunning himself, Sammy Jo is finally looking for a job. He just doesn't expect it to be babysitting for Claudia. He can't say no to Cristal though when she offers him Blake's credit card for his expenses. 
Sammy Jo proves to be a fun babysitter.

The two enjoy all the luxuries on Blake's dime, trying on clothes, dressing up, make-up, catering and more. Blake comes home to find Sammy Jo and Claudia trying things on in Cristal's closet. He's mad at first, until Claudia apologizes and then something strange happens, Blake seems genuinely forgiving and concerned. He brings her back to her room and tells her not to worry, she has been through enough.

The House Guest from Hell

Instead of making her feel better, Cristal's plan backfires. Blake's kindness and Cristal's lifestyle has Claudia angry. She throws a vase of flowers at Cristal. Surprisingly, just when Cristal tells Blake he may have been right about Claudia staying with them, Blake thinks they are just what Claudia needs! Blake changes his mind quickly though when he slips into his whirlpool and finds Claudia in there. It looks as though she is trying to seduce Blake to get even with Cristal or steal her life.

The Launch Party

Fallon and Jeff's party kicks off in high gear. Fallon is happy until she sees Michael on Kori's arm. She starts to drink heavily in an effort to maintain her smile. After she has words with Kori, she throws herself at Michael in the bathroom. He refuses her. Leave it to Fallon to always have a plan. She leaves the bathroom ahead of Michael, making sure Kori sees her make an exit. When Michael comes out after, Kori is suspicious that the two 
were in there together, playing into Fallon's game. She isn't happy and neither is Michael when Kori gives him the cold shoulder! After some explaining, Kori is fine and so is Michael when she asks him to go home with her leaving Fallon drunk and angry.

Not Herself

Cristal tells Claudia that she needs real help and that Cristal and Blake cannot offer that. Just when you think Claudia went off the deep end, Sammy Jo learns that Claudia's medication has been switched. Someone gave her benzos, which would explain her strange behavior. But who is behind the switch in an obvious attempt to make her forget something?

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