'Duets' Finale Prediction: All Signs Point to One Winner
'Duets' Finale Prediction: All Signs Point to One Winner
Jenn Lee
Jenn Lee
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
With the finale of ABC's newest singing competition Duets upon us, you would think there would be a sense of anticipation. But, much like the season itself, the outcome seems fairly predictable and--barring some kind of major upset--I think we all know who will be crowned the winner. Nevertheless, let's take a look at the three finalists to determine their chances of Duets victory.

The Underdog: Jason Farol (Partner: Kelly Clarkson)
For the first part of the season, Jason struggled in his performances, often finding himself at the bottom two after the judges' scores were tallied. He is young, likable and has a pleasant tone to his voice (at times), but he was way too timid on stage and his nerves often affected his pitch. Twice he was in the bottom two and had to fight for his spot in an a cappella showdown. Fortunately for Jason, he made it to the live shows, when his fate shifted into the hands of viewers. At that point his performances and rankings improved, as he grew more confident and his boyish charm surely won over much of America's young female audience. All the same, Jason clearly doesn't hold a candle to the other two finalists, though he does win the Most Improved title.

The Solid Second: John Glosson (Partner: Jennifer Nettles)
When you consider John Glosson by himself, he could be a real contender in any reality singing competition--his voice is just that good. He's consistent, his performances are always heartfelt and emotive and you just want to keep listening to his magnificent voice. Being from the same Georgia town as his mentor Jennifer Nettles, their shared country background helped their voices mesh well together. The only possible downside to John is that he doesn't seem hugely versatile or incredibly dynamic on stage. Those things aren't critiques when you consider him as just a singer, but this is a competition based on America's votes, and viewers are looking for the whole package.

The Clear Winner: J Rome (Partner: Jennifer Nettles)
Speaking of the whole package, there's J Rome. For the first five weeks of the show, he was ranked #1 every time by the Superstar judges. In the live performances since, he's never been at the bottom. His star quality is simply undeniable. Unlike his talented teammate, J Rome is also extremely versatile (he can channel Usher, pull off a cheesy Grease number, do justice to a tender Whitney Houston favorite and slow things down with Billie Holiday). He can make you tear up and then make you want to hit the club, all while impressing you with his vocal ability and making it an engaging experience. Furthermore, his unexpected chemistry with the bold-voiced Jennifer Nettles on stage has brought us the best performances of the season. If he doesn't win (which will be an outrage), it almost doesn't matter--as Superstar John Legend said last week, he (or any number of record companies) would sign him in a heartbeat.

What do you all think? Do you agree that the clear winner of the season is J Rome? Or do you think the other two have a fighting chance? Tune in to tomorrow's season finale to find out.

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