'So You Think You Can Dance' Top 20 Predictions: Who Will Rock the Vote?
'So You Think You Can Dance' Top 20 Predictions: Who Will Rock the Vote?
Kim Stempel
Kim Stempel
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Tuesday we got our first chance to see the top 20 partnered up and dancing live for our votes.

How did the dancer's cope with the So You Think You Can Dance choreography, and each other?

While many of the couples performed well, there were several stand-outs. That also means that there were some couples who, sadly, did not bring it, for whatever reason. The three male dancers and three female dancers with the lowest audience votes will be in jeopardy. So whose So You Think You Can Dance dream may be coming to an end?

The Best of the Night:

So You Think You Can Dance usually has a few memorable performances, and the Top 20 was no exception. Brittany Cherry and BluPrint's Afro-Jazz routine was spectacular, and caused judge Mary Murphy to wave them aboard the hot tamale train. Jasmine Harper and Aaron Turner's jazz routine, choreographed by Sonya Tayeh, was dark and mesmerizing, as a Sonya Tayeh routine should be. Another Sonya Tayeh routine, which was danced by Amy Yakima and Fik-Shun, also impressed. Amy and Fik-Shun receivde a standing ovation for their dramatic piece.

Who is in Danger?

Mariah Spears and Carlos Garland performed a jive that just didn't seem to come together. I feel they lacked chemistry, and the judges criticized their technique. Hip-Hop was less than kind to Alexis Juliano and Nico Greetham. Not only were they missing swag, but the entire routine seemed forced. Makenzie Dustman and Paul Kirmiryan's Viennese waltz received good feed-back from the judges, but it seemed a bit lackluster. All three couple were lacking in connection, which is perilous indeed.

I think any of these three couples may be lacking in viewer votes, and may be in danger of going home. Next week we will see if these bold (or foolish) decisions come to pass.

So You Think You Can Dance airs Tuesdays at 8pm on FOX

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