'Dracula' Recap: Four (Future) Funerals and A (Future) Wedding
'Dracula' Recap: Four (Future) Funerals and A (Future) Wedding
Josie Rhodes Cook
Josie Rhodes Cook
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While Lady Jayne continues to hunt for the vampire she seeks, Grayson seeks to be closer to Mina and continues his slow destruction of the Order.

Endless Night

In this episode of Dracula, we get a few more details about how Grayson/Dracula/Vlad Tepes became a vampire in the first place. At the start of the episode, he is shown chained and being beaten by members of the Order. A priest approaches with a skull full of what looks like blood and pours it into his open mouth before slitting his throat. 

But Dracula doesn't die following this immense torture. After seeing a vision of Ilona, his wife, he collapses, and wakes up hanging by his wrists from a ceiling in a dungeon. A man informs him that he is not dead because he was "condemned to endless night," and when Vlad Tepes is pushed into sunlight, his skin burns. 

He gets a quick bit of revenge in when his chains break and he falls, revealing fangs and presumably going after the man with his newfound vampiric abilities. 

In Grayson's present, we find out that he's now a majority stockholder in the British Imperial Coolant company. His subtle takeover of the current Order's pet industry has begun. 

JonMina? Minathan? 

Jonathan's main storyline this episode involves building relationships with several men on a list Renfield gives him under Grayson's instruction, and pining over Mina. He also manages to impress Daniel Davenport and his father by sending them wine at a restaurant both parties are at. He might have been unsure of taking that job, but he's sure enjoying the benefits that hefty new paycheck offer!

Mina, meanwhile, is pining for Jonathan most of the episode as well, despite the fact that he said some pretty crappy things to her last episode. Her friend Lucy Westerna convinces her to forget him and have a little fun with her by going out and partying instead. I'd argue that every girl needs a Lucy after a bad break-up! 

The gals get super drunk at one party and stumble home just before daybreak. This kinda sucks for Grayson, who left a note and flowers for Mina outside her door and waited in his carriage for her arrival. He desperately wants to see her face when she reads the letter, but Renfield shuts the carriage window curtain just as the sun peaks. They ride off, Grayson's sad face firmly in place. 

Later, Mina and Lucy get drunk again, and fairly high this time as well. Lucy gets awfully cuddly with Mina, but not for long, because Mina soon gets up and goes outside to a beautiful tree with a striking resemblance to the one Vlad Tepes was beaten by. When she tries to run back inside the door shuts and she cannot; well, that or she collapses or something and dreams that, because she soon wakes up inside. 

A guy tries to flirt with Mina but she is thoroughly unimpressed with his game, and he gets angry. Grayson shows up and throws him away from her, but I kind of wish she had been able to fend him off herself somehow. Not necessarily through physical force, but possibly in a more clever way. Oh well, maybe I'm just picky. 

Mina thanks Grayson for rescuing her, and he notes that she seems troubled. She explains about the Jonathan situation, and just as he looks kinda like he's going to make a move, Lucy shows up and shepherds Mina away. 

Grayson's Guidance

Grayson and Jonathan talk later about the situation, and Grayson tells Jonathan he's a fool when Jonathan is bewildered as to why Mina would continue her studies now that he can support her. He questions why a man who is looking to go against social convention wouldn't allow his wife to do the same thing, which is an excellent point. Really though, everyone should just continue to let Mina do her thing, if you ask me.

After this conversation, Jonathan goes to Mina's house, and when she tries to apologize, he admits the whole thing was his fault. He has finally realized that she doesn't need "keeping," and the two make up.

In a big way, in fact, because when Jonathan leaves, Mina runs after him and asks him to marry her. He doesn't have the ring he once bought for her on him, but he gives her his cross instead, which I'm pretty sure will be important later considering this is a show about a vampire and all. 

Speaking of, Grayson watches this exchange from a carriage, and when he tells Renfield about his good deed, he doesn't seem too broken up about it. It's all a part of some plan he has to keep her close, but I can't believe pushing some other guy back into the arms of the girl you love is a plan that will end well romantically for the initiator. We'll see how this goes, I suppose. 

The Vampire Huntress

Lady Jayne has a lot to do on this episode of Dracula, what with tracking down a vampire she doesn't realize she knows pretty intimately already. She enlists the help of a doctor to create a new drug for her seers, but the doctor later spills the beans to Van Helsing, who of course tells Grayson. But Grayson says to let it happen; at least in this case, they know who they're dealing with. 

At one point, Grayson is in bed with Jayne after I assume they slept together, and he hears something. He leaves her in bed and goes and discovers her torture chamber for vampires. By the way, he is shirtless this whole time, because obviously the writers understand that Jonathan Rhys Meyers' sexiness is half the appeal of this show. 

Anyway, he finds a fellow vampire there, who begs him to kill her, and he is obviously moved. He goes back to Jayne's room and it seems like things are about to go very badly for her, but she wakes up and they just go back to making out. Apparently Grayson is willing to let her live awhile longer. 

When the new serum is ready, Van Helsing is sent to track it. A small boy messenger is sent from the doctor with an envelope, and Van Helsing sees him and is then able to figure out the location of the seers. The seers take the serum and do see Jonathan, in bed with Jayne, but then they realize they have been poisoned and they collapse. 

Van Helsing approaches the seers and explains that he can't let them find Dracula while they still have work to do to bring down the order. Then, to avoid suspicion as he is the only one with the knowledge to concoct what they ingested, he bludgeons their paralyzed bodies to death! I don't know why this bothers me more than some of the blood-sucking scenes on this show, but man is it disturbing. 

Lady Jayne and her colleague find the seers dead, dismembered bodies, and they fear that without them, the city will soon be crawling with more vampires. If they all look like Grayson, I wouldn't mind that being the case!

So Long, Stephen Laurent

Daniel and Stephen Laurent's love affair comes to a tragic end this episode, when Stephen is accused of putting his own affairs before that of the Orders because he sold his stock to Grayson. In the previous episode, he did this to keep Grayson from telling anyone about he and Daniel, but he is unwilling to go public with their relationship. 

Stephen has to face the order for his transgression, and when he admits to putting himself before the needs of the Order, he is sentenced to death. He is stabbed before the whole group, including poor Daniel. 

Turns out, Daniel isn't willing to live life without Stephen, and he commits suicide by shooting himself in his father's house. His father finds him, along with a letter that names Grayson as being party to Stephen's betrayal of the Order's code. I'm thinking this might not end well for Grayson...

Mina's New Gig

Oh! One thing I forgot to mention is that Mina goes to Van Helsing, hungover and suffering for it, might I add, after she misses his class after a night out with Lucy. He tells her she can be his assistant for the next term, which is awesome and exactly what she wanted. Go Mina!

Grayson's Struggle for Normalcy 

In addition, Grayson's quest to become a "normal" man continued this episode, but Van Helsing tells him he doesn't think Grayson can ever be normal again. This will almost definitely continue to be a theme for the show, but I very much doubt we will see a totally human Dracula by the end of it's run. Or at the very least, not without some dire consequences. 

Dracula airs every Friday night at 10:00 PM on NBC.

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