'Dracula' Recap: Dances, Demonstrations, and Dragons
'Dracula' Recap: Dances, Demonstrations, and Dragons
Josie Rhodes Cook
Josie Rhodes Cook
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Dracula returned after a mid-season hiatus with "Servant to Two Masters," featuring a few surprises for it's fans.

Grayson's Little Problem

One of the themes of this episode is Grayson's newfound love for walking in the sun vs. his vampiric nature and need for blood to survive. In the beginning of the episode, Van Helsing warns him that he needs to continue to drink blood, but Grayson pays him no mind.

Later, when Van Helsing tells him this again, Grayson still doesn't want to listen, claiming that Van Helsing's infusion has "changed him" and that he no longer needs to suck the life out of someone to survive. The rest of the episode features him trying to prove this, by going out and enjoying the sunshine, and avoiding the signals his body sends him when he starts to suffer from the loss of a vampire's favorite activity. 

As you can probably imagine, it doesn't end well for him.

Jonathan's Realization 

Jonathan discovers, while talking with Grayson, that Grayson knew General Shaw was innocent the whole time, and that his "informant" was in fact an actress all along. But Grayson claims the entire ploy was necessary, and feels no remorse. 

He also reminds Harker that he was in fact the one to "destroy" the man, which mostly stops Harker's accusations and disgust. Sort of. Kind of. Grayson tells him to send out invites for the demonstration of the resonator and you can still tell Harker isn't pleased with the guy, but he agrees to the task anyway.

Renfield's Task

Grayson sends Renfield off to Budapest, to retrieve something called a triptych. My Google-fu tells me this is a painting divided into three sections, so, I guess that's what he's after. Also, I'm pretty sure the writers just wanted to give the character something to do.

Why is this triptych so important, you may ask? Well, the dudes from the Order wanna know too, so they send someone to the same place Renfield travels to where it is being auctioned off. But when Renfield offers one million corona for the piece, no one challenges him. He has it boxed up, and seems in the clear to bring it back to his best buddy.

But wait! There's a twist! In Renfield's....hotel room? I think?, he finds a maid presumably tidying the room, and he freaks a little since the triptych is in that room. But he sees the box behind his wardrobe and all appears well. 

But of course it's not, and the maid actually took the real one, because duh, and she brings it to the Order guy whose name I can't remember, sorry. Davenport, maybe? Anyway.

So yea, Davenport opens it, and the picture is revealed to be a painting of a woman who bears an uncanny resemblance to one Miss Mina Murray. So the guy realizes that this must be who Grayson loves, which as you may remember from previous episodes of Dracula, everyone on this show cares a whole lot about who that may be. 

So poor Grayson doesn't get his precious triptych. You had one job, Renfield.

Mina' s Plan

Meanwhile, Grayson flirts with Mina some more, and I thought I remembered her being weirded out by him, but I guess she's over it. They chat in a park, in the middle of the day no less, and she tells him about how she wants to shake things up at the old folks hospital, or section of the hospital, or something, where she's been working with her father. 

Grayson suggests a dance, because he loves dances, and also they talk about their flaws and stuff. Somehow this leads to her questioning what he could possibly want that he doesn't already have, and I think we all know the answer to that, Mina. Come on.

So Mina convinces her father to let her put on the dance, and he agrees as long as it doesn't come out of the hospital budget. So of course she asks her special billionaire friend to help, and he is more than happy to make all her dreams come true. For example, when she asks to borrow his phonograph, he gives her an entire ensemble of musicians instead. Show-off. 

Also, p.s., when he agrees to the phonograph in the first place, she asks how she can repay Grayson. He replies that in time, he will think of something. And I'm not sure how I'm supposed to take the scene, but mostly I'm creeped out. 

The Dance

So at the dance, Mina and her father and Grayson and all the lovely elderly people have a grand ol' time, until Grayson starts to suffer from the whole lack-of-blood-sucking thing and has to leave. So of course he runs out and she follows, and he claims he has to get to the demonstration, which is that same night, coincidentally, and that surely she won't have trouble finding a new partner.

But Mina doesn't want a different partner, if you catch my drift. So they dance in the hallway like the indecent hooligans that they are. And of course her father spots them and then walks away in disgust. Of course Grayson is so wrapped up in the dance that he doesn't seem to be getting that he has a huge event to get to? Oops.

And at the end of their little dance, they very nearly kiss, but Grayson begins to struggle when he hears Mina's heartbeat. Her cross moves on her neck, or something, I'm not really sure what happened, and I guess it stops him (did he touch it?), so he backs off and runs out. 

Lucy/Jayne? Layne? Jucy?

Poor Lucy declared her love for Mina on the last episode of Dracula and was totally rebuffed. So in this episode, she goes back to Lady Jayne with the news, who claims that Mina is just scared of her own desire. 

Jayne asks Lucy if she's a virgin, but then basically says she knows she is. She then offers to teach Lucy how to haunt Jonathan's dreams, I guess to get back at Mina, and the older woman begins to demonstrate how to capture all five of the man's senses. 

This basically turns into a brief seduction of the younger woman, and the two end up kissing. Jayne backs off fairly quickly, but I think Lucy was kinda into it.

Lucy later attempts to put Jayne's methods into action when she attends a garment fitting she had set up for Harker. It seems Mina only told him Lucy was upset the night she ran out of their place because of her break-up with Alistair, and she tells him he wasn't her type. HA. Do you see what they did there?

She then takes the measuring tape from the older man doing the measurements and goes to her knees to take Jonathan's measurements. That is not a euphemism, but the whole thing is meant to be sort of seductive. 

She's obviously unsure of what she's doing, but as she measures up his leg he does looks affected, so she wasn't totally unsuccessful. She leaves before it gets too crazy, though. I do wonder just how far the show will have Lucy go with Jonathan to hurt Mina...

Harker's Decision

Harker, who is one of the people who notices Grayson's suffering, by the way, did deliver the invites as the man asked, but several people declined. Grayson swears to put on a show for everyone anyway, but it's clear Harker has become a bit disillusioned with his employer. 

Which works out for the Order, who decide it's time to try to get Harker on their side. Someone meets him on the street and says Browning would like a word with him, and that his refusal could make things a bit messy. So he agrees to go, and the man and his accomplices bring Harker before the Order.

In a dark room, Harker recognizes Browning's voice, and he sort of introduces the man to the rest of the Order of the Dragon. I say sort of only because he can't really see the rest of them. Jonathan is asked if he would give his life to serve God's word, and he says of course, and somehow Browning turns the discussion to the Ottomans. Or, the "heathens," in this case.

He explains that the Ottomans have oil that could give them power over England, which is a no-good-very-bad-thing, see, but Jonathan sees through the explanation. He asks why they aren't considering that Grayson's resonator will take away the Ottoman's power, and Browning scoffs it off as a distraction. Browning tells Harker that Grayson needs to be stopped, and Harker realizes that they want him to play Judas, essentially. 

Anyone think he'll do it?

The Demonstration's Destruction

The Order paid off an Inspector Morrow to ruin Grayson's big day, and he does so by putting something...poison, I guess?...in the contents of a milk cart outside the venue. So when people start to get seriously ill just before the demonstration, it looks very suspicious. 

So just before Grayson arrives, Morrow walks into the demonstration and orders the whole thing shut down. When Grayson rushes in following his dance with Mina, he is furious, but Morrow stands his ground, claiming the machine is a threat to public safety. Grayson offers to bribe him with double what the man was offered in the first place, but it's no use. The demonstration is shut down, and Grayson's plan is ruined. 

Dracula's Wrath

When Morrow gets into a carriage at the end of the night, Grayson has taken the place of his usual driver, and the billionaire attacks the Inspector for stopping the demonstration. So Grayson gets his blood-sucking in after all. Yet another character has fallen victim to Dracula's wrath, somehow without anyone in the city seeing the whole thing, which happens in the middle of the street, by the way.

Speaking of wrath, Grayson goes to Van Helsing after the attack, conveniently still covered in blood, and threatens him. He is upset that the man gave him hope with the serum, when he can never truly have the life he wants. He tells Van Helsing that he is more of a monster than Grayson, and that, "someday, I will kill you for it." So...that bodes well for the guy. Not.

Grayson and Jayne, Together Again

Oh, there's also another sex scene with Jayne and Grayson this episode, which is lovely to look at, but not much to write about. It's notable mostly because the tryst happens in the middle of the day, which will throw off Jayne's and the Order's suspicions about Grayson. Maybe. 

Just how long can Grayson keep his secret? There's only a few more episodes of Dracula left, so I guess we'll find out soon!

Dracula airs at 10:00pm Friday nights on NBC. 

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