'Dracula' Recap: A Declaration of War
'Dracula' Recap: A Declaration of War
Josie Rhodes Cook
Josie Rhodes Cook
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The body count rises on Dracula as both Grayson and the Order prepare to confront their enemies in tonight's episode, "Four Roses."

When the episode begins, Mina is still in the hospital following her attack in the previous episode of Dracula, "Come to Die." More importantly, she remembers Grayson's presence there during the attack, which may prove important later on.

Elsewhere, Renfield and Grayson argue about Davenport's motive for Mina's attack; was it personal, a vendetta related to the death of his son? Or does it tie into the Order's larger scheme? Grayson is sure it has to do with the Order, and he swears to amp up his fight against them in the near future. And by the near future, I mean during this episode and the next, since next week is the season finale of Dracula

Broken Contract

Renfield goes to speak with Van Helsing, who claims that his partnership with Grayson has ended. Why? Apparently Van Helsing feels that Grayson's need to be human has not been restrained enough in favor of their plans against the Order with the resonator, and he wants to wash his hands of the whole thing. 

Grayson later approaches Van Helsing to argue that one failed demonstration with the resonator doesn't completely conclude their plans. He also threatens Van Helsing that if he has anything to do with the disappearance of Browning's children, abducted in the previous episode, and his plans to continue with taking down the Order using the resonator fail as a result, then in his words, Van Helsing will have "a very, very bad day." Not the sort of thing you want to hear from a vampire. 

Browning's Suspicions 

Speaking of the abduction, Browning tells Lady Jayne about the disappearance of his children early on in the episode, after she informs him that huntsman from all over are coming to help them in their quest to defeat the Elder vampire. He shows her the suicide note written by Davenport's son, tying it into the overall assault by Dracula to ruin the Order. 

When Browning suggests that Grayson is Dracula, Lady Jayne is still skeptical, reminding him that he's seen Grayson walk in the sun. When he is still adamant about the possibility of the two being the same, she suggests that he is just distraught, and reminds him of his oath to the Order. Which probably says something like "your problems are not as important as our problems," because he drops the matter after she gives him that reminder.

Lucy's Confusion and Confession 

When Lucy wakes up in Jonathan's bed, he is not beside her. Instead, he gets dressed and walks out when she wakes up. This has gotta sting a little bit. A woman sees him walk out, then goes into Lucy's room, and asks what Lucy has done. I believe this woman is Lucy's mother, which, I gotta say, is pretty awkward.

When she comes into Lucy's room later, she asks Lucy what's been going on, and Lucy asks her why she was never told that it's perfectly natural for a woman to fall for another woman. The other woman (her mother?) is shocked, and Lucy realizes in that moment that she was lied to about the common knowledge regarding the frequency of such same sex relationships she was given by her lady huntsman mentor. 

When Lucy visits Mina in the hospital and brings her flowers, she apologizes for what happened to her friend, and suggests that she cannot believe someone would deliberately hurt Mina like that. Of course, Lucy has done just that thanks to her tryst with Jonathan.

When he is mentioned, Mina wonders after his whereabouts, and Lucy tells her to forget him and call off the engagement. Mina, shocked and sensing that something is up, questions Lucy about what he's done to make her say that. Lucy tells Mina she will hate her if she tells her, and Mina puts two and two together about what happened. Outraged, she orders Lucy out, and has an understandable minor freak-out after she leaves.

The Search Continues 

Back to the disappearance of Browning's children, Renfield walks into Grayson's home at one point to find men searching the premises for evidence to aid in the investigation. At first he tries to get them to leave, but Grayson himself emerges and says they are free to keep looking, but they won't find anything. 

When they don't, Browning and the inspector working on the case leave, and the inspector tells him he will contact him if anything comes up. Browning is then ushered into a carriage by Jonathan, which Grayson sees from his window. 

Then Grayson and Renfield argue a bit about whether Redfield should have gone to Van Helsing about Grayson's plans with the Order, and Grayson basically scolds Renfield into saying he won't overstep such a boundary again. Poor guy was just trying to help!

Jonathan's Acceptance

Jonathan tells Browning in the carriage that he will agree to his offer to join the Order, if he will tell him why the Order attacked Mina. Browning denies involvement, and when Jonathan tells him Davenport did it, Browning realizes that Jonathan was the one to kill the man, and says that Davenport's actions were unsanctioned so he wouldn't be punished. Well, isn't that convenient?

Browning tells Jonathan to bring the Order the blueprints for the resonator, which he sneaks out of Grayson's house right under Renfield's nose. He is later welcomed to the Order amidst chanting and a blood ritual, during which he swears to never place his own needs before that of the Order. So, basically what I suggested earlier. 

Another Attack

The Order ends up having a lot to deal with around the time of Jonathan's induction, because Grayson makes a very open and obvious attack against several men to catch their attention. Late one night, he brings several of his "relatives" to a billiards room where the men are playing, before locking them in and allowing the men to be slaughtered. 

When Browning and Jayne investigate, they recognize the assault as a declaration of war. Jayne has connections that will attribute the many deaths to a yachting mishap, which is pretty convenient, and fortunate for their cause. 

Browning lies to the inspector on the scene and says his children are actually at his wife's sister's house and have been all along. When Jayne questions him, he says he doesn't want the police about while they focus on their strategy against Dracula. 

Jayne then introduces him to Kaha Ruma, a leading huntsman, one of many who are coming to aid in their efforts. He agrees that he was just distraught when he claimed Grayson was Dracula, and tells Jayne that he will focus on the situation with Grayson, if Jayne focuses on the one with Dracula. 

Van Helsing's Revenge

Browning's children are, in fact, hidden in the basement of a building by Van Helsing throughout the episode. At one point, he looks resigned to killing the unconscious children, but then he remembers the deaths of his own kids and can't go through with it. Lucky them.

Instead, he puts together a ransom note demanding 50,000 pounds for the children, or they will die. It's worth noting that he does this the old-school way, by cutting up letters from a newspaper to avoid detection. Nice touch.

The Resonator Revived 

Van Helsing approaches Renfield and Grayson soon after this, walking in on the two discussing how to best strike terror into the hearts of the Order. At first he says he's preparing to leave the country, but then a man runs in and tells them all that the quarantine against the resonator has been removed. So there will be a grand demonstration after all, which Grayson invites Van Helsing to attend. Van Helsing agrees, and their plan to bankrupt the Order is back in motion. 

Jonathan and Browning discuss the dismissal of the quarantine, and Jonathan realizes that the Order had something to do with it. If there is no demonstration, Browning explains, then the resonator cannot fail. After Jonathan leaves, Browning tells a man looking at the blueprints Jonathan brought them that he doesn't just want to see failure during the demonstration, he wants to see a catastrophe. 

The Confrontation 

After Mina sends Lucy away, she leaves the hospital and goes to speak with Jonathan. She asks where he's been the past two days, and we know that he was busy with Lucy and the Order, but she only knows about Lucy. She reveals this knowledge, and he asks whether Lucy told her she's been throwing herself at him. 

Mina is disgusted by him, and when she tries to leave, he attempts to grab her. After she tells him not to touch her, he promises her one better, and says she will never hear from him again. When she asks him why he did it, he tells her it's because she loves Grayson. Which I'm not sure is really true yet, but she says nothing and leaves him to his sorrows. 

After this confrontation, Mina wanders into the street, and, delirious, looks down to a puddle and catches a glimpse of Ilona. She collapses and is almost hit by a horse and buggy, which lands her back in the hospital. 

Grayson's Visits

Grayson visits Mina in the hospital a few times during the episode, bringing her a rose each time. She thinks they're from Jonathan initially, but Grayson tells her the truth. During an early visit, he tells her he wasn't at the scene of her attack when she tells him she saw him, then flees when sunshine starts to cover the room. 

He visits her again after her collapse in the street, and they joke a bit about her saying she hates hospitals and how that will be an issue if she wants to be a doctor. I think I'd find it cuter if I wasn't slightly creeped out by Grayson's obsession with her. 

When Mina asks what exactly is going on between them, Grayson can't tell her, and can only say that she reminds him of someone he used to love. When he drops the name Ilona, Mina claims to have seen the woman in her dreams since she was young. Plot twist!

Mina reveals that she saw Ilona in her reflection before her collapse, before asking Grayson if he loves her. He says he can't answer that until he finishes his work with the resonator, claiming that he has a debt to be paid to the one he loved and lost, and until then he can't focus on anything else.

Grayson tells Mina it wouldn't matter if he did anyway because she loves Jonathan, and that's when she reveals to him the affair between her friend and her former fiancée. He leaves soon after, and it's obvious that whatever is about to happen, it won't be good.

A Monster is Born

In the final scene of tonight's episode of Dracula, Grayson attacks Lucy while she is bathing alone. He grabs her from behind, and tells her that if she's going to behave like a monster, he will make her one. 

Grayson then bites Lucy, drinks from the bite, and then forces her to drink his blood in return. This, of course, will turn her into what Grayson probably believes is the ultimate monster: a vampire, like himself.

So what's going to happen in the final episode of this season of Dracula? I guess we'll all have to tune in next Friday at 10:00 PM on NBC to find out.

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