Prepare for the 'Dollhouse' Series Finale with Trivia on Twitter
Prepare for the 'Dollhouse' Series Finale with Trivia on Twitter
The day we all have been dreading is approaching quickly. This Friday will be the Dollhouse series finale. To prepare for the big day I spent all weekend watching every episode of Dollhouse. While doing so I took notes, lots of notes. Why? To play trivia with all of you! 

Here's how it will work. Every day this week I will tweet out several Dollhouse related trivia questions. How will you know which tweet is part of the game? It will have #DollhouseTrivia in the tweet. Yep, it's that easy. (I will also include the season and episode number to help you out)

To participate simply @BuddyTV with your answer. Please include #DollhouseTrivia and the question number.  Need an example?

BuddyTV: Q1 (1.1) What is Eliza Dushku's character's name? #DollhouseTrivia

Response Tweet: @BuddyTV Q1 Echo #DollhouseTrivia

Don't worry, the real questions won't be so easy. Answers to the questions will be revealed the next morning here. I'll tweet out the link. 

So, remember to follow BuddyTV to play along. And keep your eyes open for #DollhouseTrivia. You never know when it might pop up! 

Day 1 Trivia:

1.  (1.1) What did Echo receive from her date after the motorcycle race? Heart shaped necklace
2.  (1.7) In the beginning of the episode what was Owen trying to set free in the lab? Jar of flies
3.  (2.1) Dr. Saunders plays a prank on Topher. What do we find out he is afraid of? Rats

Day 2 Trivia: 

4. (2.8) When Alpha first appeared in the Dollhouse this time where was he? Coming out of Adelle's office bathroom. (Or Adelle's office) 
5. (1.2) On her outdoorsy date Echo went white water rafting, did archery and what other outdoor activity? Rock climbing (Many of you also said getting hunted...I guess that works too!) 
6. (1.12) Who was number one in the Dollhouse before Echo? Whiskey (AKA Dr. Saunders) 
7. (2.7) How many minutes did Echo have to get Galena out of jail? 4 minutes

Day 3 Trivia:

8.  (2.3) Why did Topher have to try a remote wipe for the first time? Because there was a serial killer on the loose 
9. (2.6) How many years did Rossum have to work on building the Senator's reputation? 3 
10. (1.3) Where were the crazy fan's last messages for Rayna hidden? Under the flowers in her dressing room
11. (1.8) What does Dominic tell the staff to think of the Actives as? Pets
12.  (2.9) What was Sierra's main concern about Victor's return to the real world? That he wasn't ready to be alone 

Day 4 Trivia: 

13. (2.6) Who had their GPS removed first, Echo or the Senator? Echo
14. (1.9) What sport did Victor and Adelle do on her fantasy date? Fencing 
15. (2.10) Who is Arcane? Clyde, one of the founders of Rossum 
16. (1.1) Where did the kidnappers keep the girl after receiving $8 million? Refrigerator 
17. (2.3) Immediately after Topher's remote wipe, what did Echo do? Stabbed the professor in the neck

Day 5 Trivia: 

18. (1.2) How did Echo get poisoned in the woods? Drinking from a canteen
19. (2.10) Who or what is the mainframe at Dollhouse? The people in the attic 
20. (1.11) In this episode of Dollhouse a photo was sent from Alpha of a statue. What was the statue of? Paul Bunyan 
21. (2.7) What does Echo say she needs to bring to the jail in order to return? Pain medication that they are out of. Or Pills
22. (1.6) Dr. Mynor tells Paul a judge will throw what at him? A Kindle 
23. (1.12) Who did Alpha go after first when he went on his killing spree? Himself
24. (1.10) What day is Topher allowed to use one of the actives for an evening? His Birthday
25. (1.6) About how many#Dollhouse's are there in the world? Over 20

Today is the last day of trivia so get your thinking caps on and prepare for tonight's series finale.

(Image courtesy of Fox)