Dollhouse: Three Clips From "Epitaph Two: Return"
Dollhouse: Three Clips From "Epitaph Two: Return"
I've been dreading this day, but it's here, so we might as well make the most of it. Tomorrow night Dollhouse airs its series finale from 8pm, where we are dropped into a post-apocalyptic future ten years from now. The tech has ruined everything, people can be wiped without having the Active architecture, and Echo and the gang are out to save the world... but how?

The folks at Fox have released three video clips from the series finale, and it seems there is a way out. Ask Topher, who's still going pretty fine despite going crazy:

Topher's got ideas, but not everybody's convinced, and Adelle plays the supermom role:

But if there's an actual mom, it's... Sierra? Err, Priya?

So that's who the kid is. He wasn't on "Epitaph One". Unless, of course, there's something else at work. Again, the series finale airs tomorrow night from 8pm on Fox. I'm sure the writers have done their best to not keep us hanging. We can do this.

(Image courtesy of Fox)