Dollhouse: Previewing Series Finale "Epitaph Two: Return"
Dollhouse: Previewing Series Finale "Epitaph Two: Return"
The last episode of Dollhouse two weeks ago may have gone by a bit too fast, but there are more than a few things we can pick up from it. One, Boyd is Rossum's big, evil, manipulative boss. Two, Echo is literally the savior of the world, her spinal fluid seen as an antidote to all the wiping and the imprinting--ironically, Rossum wants to offer an antidote to the very technology they created. Three, things ended pretty well: the tech is destroyed, Boyd's remains are scattered across what used to be Rossum's headquarters in Tucson, and all's well that ends well.

Well, not really. Topher did say that once you create the tech, you cannot reverse it. And with how things are going lately, there's bound to be multiple copies of the same schematics scattered in servers across the world. Rossum's mainframe may be dead, but the Dollhouses are still connected to each other--and that brings us to the hell that is 2020.

I'm sure you've seen "Epitaph One", that DVD-only episode of Dollhouse (at least for us here in the US) where we see that the world has collapsed into chaos: the Dollhouse tech has gotten into the wrong hands and virtually everyone can be wiped and imprinted with a different personality. Considering the groupthink army Rossum was also making, this world is indeed screwed... well, not really. Little hopes have sprung up. Whiskey has protected the old Dollhouse--safe from any technology, she figures--and we've started tattooing our original names on our backs. And Echo? She's still fighting the save the world.

That's where we begin for Dollhouse's inevitable (unfortunately) series finale. The war is still on, and from the looks of it things are quite bleak. But mankind hasn't been completely obliterated yet, and Echo, along with her gang and a few other actuals (you know, Mag and Zone from "Epitaph One", and mini-Caroline too) attempt to bring back order. If you've seen the video previews, you'll find out that Topher--never mind his insanity--might just have a way to undo everything and "bring back the world". Can he? Or if he really can, will it be just in time?

Dollhouse's cancellation has been, admittedly, frustrating, with all the bits about network intervention and a creative slow burn. But I'm just glad that, even if chances of the show being saved at the very last minute are less than slim, the writers have been given a chance to wrap it up--and after a string of wickedly cool episodes, we can all sit back for one more. And it will look like a reunion: all of the major players will be here, never mind Bennett and November's death. And Alpha will still be here, too. Flashbacks or otherwise, I can't wait.

So, tonight, it's Dollhouse's triumphant (hopefully) last stand. The series finale airs at 8pm on Fox. For the very last time, at least for this show: the photos are below. Oh, and if you haven't seen it yet, I've listed down my ten favorite imprints throughout the series, too. Let's make the most out of tonight, shall we?

(Image courtesy of Fox)