Dollhouse: Previewing Season 2 Premiere "Vows"
Dollhouse: Previewing Season 2 Premiere "Vows"
Admit it.  You never thought we'd get here, right?

I don't think anybody did.  There was Firefly's cancellation, and fans thinking the same thing would happen to Dollhouse.  There was the pulled out pilot, the Friday night time slot, the supposed meddling, the not-so-good ratings, the production of "Epitaph One" just in case... and then there's the strong fan response.

Someone did see the numbers, and now we're here again, wondering what exactly will happen to Echo and the rest of the actives after the last season finale's developments--and the future that "Epitaph One" posed.  With Victor scarred, Echo getting more than the usual number of multiple personalities, Paul letting go of Mellie and being part of the very things he was chasing before, and all those other things in between, it's going to be a pretty interesting set of episodes.

Dollhouse returns for its sophomore season tonight with that question still in my head: why the heck is Echo getting married?  You surely know this: it's to a British businessman named Martin Klar, this guy with such charm and charisma, not to mention money, and the unusual connection to one of Paul's old cases at the FBI.  Echo's still reeling from the effects of what Alpha did: we pick up a few months after the finale, and she's stuck remembering some of the imprints she was stamped with before.  Maybe I'm missing something, but Caroline she definitely is not, so the marriage question, well, I don't know still.

Back at the Dollhouse, things are getting a bit dizzy, too.  Boyd gets himself in a risky venture, mixing business with pleasure, although I think it's not to the extent of what happened to Sierra last season.  Topher becomes the target of Dr. Saunders' struggles, thanks to her being Whiskey rather than the real deal.  And Paul?  There's an offer he can't refuse--more so because it's Adelle giving it to him.

Jamie Bamber and Alexis Denisof guest star in the second season premiere of Dollhouse, lovingly written and directed by Joss Whedon himself.  That's tonight from 9pm on Fox.  Oh, and two slideshows, in case you haven't seen them.

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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