Dollhouse: Previewing Episodes 2.07/2.08 "Meet Jane Doe"/"A Love Supreme"
Dollhouse: Previewing Episodes 2.07/2.08 "Meet Jane Doe"/"A Love Supreme"
There are some things that I saw coming from last week's Dollhouse doubleheader. Senator Perrin is an Active! Echo is still being misunderstood by her handlers! (I mean, when she said the senator's wife isn't okay, she surely means in a human way, not in an Active way, right?) Bennett and Topher would flirt, and flirt, and flirt, and flirt... well, until they're finished stabbing each other's backs. Awkward, cute, and awkward.

And then there are the things that I did not see coming. Victor as Topher? Man, Enver Gjokaj is surprisingly good at this. Seeing Topher talk to himself (well, technically) is a creepy prospect, yet it's cool at the same time. And, of course, Madeline's tragic ending, her becoming a doll, yet again. Somewhere along those lines.

So, after the mess in D.C., Echo is alone and irretrievable, and the same goes for Paul, who went AWOL after confronting the person he's always known as Mellie. And Rossum will get away with everything, and Adelle, who's suddenly the nice, rebellious kid--like, since when?--has pulled the short end of the stick.

The repercussions are bigger now. Harding wants to take control of the Los Angeles Dollhouse ("you can't crush Stewart's balls just like that!") and Adelle will, of course, fight it ("I can't do it to my own Actives!"). Echo, alone, struggling with her multiple personalities, ending up as a doctor, confusing some people, and making all the mess in her wiped-state world. Worse, Alpha is still after her.

Yep, Alpha is back, and he's killing off everyone who hired Echo for romantic engagements. On the good side, that probably means Joel Mynor--remember him, from the first season, the guy who shows his "wife" their "new" home every single year?--will be with his actual wife. But never mind that. One member of the house will be left permanently mind-wiped, and it doesn't have to be an Active. Boyd? Victor? Sierra? Adelle? Ivy? Kilo? Yes, Kilo returns, Whedon-heads, and I'm sure she won't be falling down all of a sudden. Which reminds me of that poor Active who fell down the stairs last week.

Two more episodes of Dollhouse air tonight from 8pm on Fox. The photos are, as always, right below. Don't press all the buttons. It will wipe itself clean.

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