Dollhouse: Previewing Episode 2.12 "The Hollow Men"
Dollhouse: Previewing Episode 2.12 "The Hollow Men"
I thought I had a good idea of what will happen in the last three episodes of Dollhouse. The team prepares for battle, heads to Rossum headquarters in Arizona, and then we'll know everything will fail for ten years or so, when the world goes haywire and it becomes a case of whether you're an actual or an active. But, of course, I failed to anticipate the possible twists--and I'm not talking about Echo's past, nor Bennett's death. Boyd is the big bad Rossum boss?

Well, for some reason I thought he was working behind Adelle's back--there were hints from the very first season, I think. Still, the revelation isn't really a complete one. Is Boyd actually the big boss of the company, or is he just an Active, another one of those bodies that the actual owner uses to protect himself? Judging from all the indicators, however, Boyd is the enemy. When you think that he thought Echo was special--and when you think that Caroline was going up against him in a past life--you'll see it fit, somehow.

And yet we can't get over that idea. The enemy is in your group. Expect sabotage.

It's the penultimate episode of Dollhouse, and the set-up seems pretty clear. Boyd and Whiskey are working together--and the affair, yes--and they're out to sabotage the efforts of Echo's gang to take down Rossum's mainframe. Which means, yes, the gang will have a hard time getting there. Boyd will probably pick Echo up and bring her to that room with ten needles. "Welcome to the attic, again." And Paul, who's technically an Active, is not more vulnerable to trouble than he ever was--although the development of Dollhouse's technology makes it inevitable.

At least he's got Mellie on his side now. Well, technically she's Mellie right now, unless Adelle decides to change a few things, like, say, make her kick more ass.

Dollhouse returns tonight from 9pm on Fox. The photos should be clearer when you click on them below. Oh, and even if Bennett was killed, Summer Glau will apparently still be here... which is unusual.

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