Dollhouse: Previewing Episode 2.11 "Getting Closer"
Dollhouse: Previewing Episode 2.11 "Getting Closer"
Last three weeks, kids. Last three weeks. I don't think we have to reiterate this again, but it's a shame that just when the writers are getting into the groove, Dollhouse gets cancelled--but, I guess, we just have to make the most out of it. Whether we blame the network for mucking it up, or the staff for not knowing what to do initially, is a different point altogether.

The last bunch of episodes have been, admittedly, great. We left the show a couple of weeks back already setting up for what will happen in tonight's episode, and the two episodes after that. Sure, I think it wasn't as great as other call it, but at least we have a goal now. Take down the Rossum mainframe! Set all these people free! End the tyranny--and seeing Adelle drooling in her office!

Man, Adelle was a looong fake-out. Classic.

So here's how things stand: Adelle's efforts to discover what makes Rossum tick were fruitful, and now she groups up with everyone at her Dollhouse (well, almost) to make Rossum, well, stop ticking. Mr. Dominic has stayed behind to keep sabotaging the Attic--maybe Adelle wanted him to do just that, too? And the quest is on to reconstruct Echo's original personality, because that's what they need to take Rossum down--because Caroline knows more than possibly anyone within the house can.

And that's where we begin tonight's episode. The reconstruction begins, and a flustered Topher gets some much-needed help--from Bennett. Yep, these two who flirted back in DC, well, they'll work together. They're fans of each other. And yes, that line is supposed to be romantic. You surely already know what happens after, right?

That reconstruction will shed light on two questions that have been floating the past few weeks. What exactly is Echo and Bennett's shared past? We only know the limp arm, but what about before it? I'm guessing Bennett's a classmate of Caroline, and they both took on Rossum, only things went differently for her. And the other question: who's Mr. Ambrose? The guy who, you know, betrayed that Arcane dude.

This should be one more hell of a set-up--and with all our fave characters, too. Summer Glau is a guest star. Reed Diamond is a guest star. Miracle Laurie's also here, and hey, Amy Acker is back! Hooray! Dollhouse returns with the first of its last three tonight from 9pm on Fox. You've seen the photos? I thought so.

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