Dollhouse: Previewing Episode 2.02 "Instinct"
Dollhouse: Previewing Episode 2.02 "Instinct"
Echo's engagement in the Dollhouse season premiere last week?  That was Paul's fault.  Which leads me to wonder: this week, she's imprinted as a mother, and her modifications will make her a little too intense about it.  So who the heck paid to make Echo a mother?  A mother who can't watch over her kid?  Makes sense, that one.  But who?

Why is my mind fluttering towards the idea that it's the wife of Daniel Perrin, the senator who's conducting an investigation into the Rossum Corporation?  Speaking of which, that probe gets kicked up a notch.

But the big plot line this week is Paul's reunion with Mellie.  Err, November.  Err, Madeline.  Adelle will visit her, and for some reason, this leads to the two meeting up somewhere in the Dollhouse.  For one part, this means we'll know who she exactly is and why she became an Active in the first place.  Or who her late daughter is, if you remember the events from last season's "Needs".  Better yet, will she even remember Paul?

It should be painful.  I mean, Mellie is an imprint, November is blank, and Madeline is technically an imprint, too.  But they all still share the same body: Mellie is November is Madeline.  It's just the contents that changed.  You know where I'm going at?  I'm somehow hopeful she does remember, because it'll be heartbreaking if she doesn't.

Then again, she did say she'll be around for the first few episodes this season.  Maybe there is hope, somewhat.

Dollhouse returns tonight from 9pm on Fox.  For photos of Echo being a mother and Sierra being her friend, click below.  You know the drill.

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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