'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Sidekick to Stand Trial
'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Sidekick to Stand Trial
Last week, we reported that there was more controversy brewing for the series Dog the Bounty Hunter, which had previously been yanked off the air due to its lead star's recent racial slur debacle.  This time, it was sidekick Timothy “Tim” Chapman who got himself in hot water, having been caught naked inside his truck at the Ala Moana Center in Hawaii.  After security personnel approached the vehicle, Chapman then stormed away in his truck and was subsequently charged with terroristic threatening for nearly hitting a guard.

According to Chapman's attorney, it was all a case of “massive misunderstanding” since his client was actually just changing his pants after spilling some orange juice on them.  However, an Oahu judge has since determined that there appears to be sufficient evidence supporting the charge of terroristic threatening to bring the case to trial.

On Friday, 20-year old Jason Wessel took the stand and testified about nearly getting hit by Chapman's truck.  The Ala Moana guard said he was responding to reports that the Dog the Bounty Hunter co-star was seen fondling himself at the parking lot of Bank of Hawaii.  The reality star allegedly then dove into the back seat before driving off after Wessel told Chapman to exit his vehicle.  Chapman nearly hit Wessel when his truck jumped a curb as he sped off to avoid questioning.  Wessel told the judge that he was afraid for his life during the incident.

Wearing a T-shirt and with his hair down, the 42-year old Dog the Bounty Hunter sidekick sat wordlessly listening to the security guard's testimony.

"I think that what you have in front of you the exhibits showing the parallel tracks in the space shows the vehicle went straight ahead and not towards any person including Mr. Wessel," Brook Hart, Chapman's attorney, said as he showed pictures of his client's tire tracks in an effort to prove that Chapman was merely trying to veer away from a newspaper stand.

Hart also reiterated his claim that Chapman was in the process of changing clothes after soiling his pants with his beverage.

"He had clean clothes in his back seat because he's been keeping them there since he recently separated from his wife," Hart said.

Chapman will be back in court on January 24 for the continuation of his terroristic threatening trial even as charges for indecent exposure are still pending.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: KGMB9 News
(Image Courtesy of KHNL)