Will Bill's 'Death' Affect The Doctor Taking Companions in 'Doctor Who'?
Will Bill's 'Death' Affect The Doctor Taking Companions in 'Doctor Who'?
Alexandria Gunn
Alexandria Gunn
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The Doctor hasn't had much luck with companions lately. The latest four have "died." Rory and Amy were sent to the past by the weeping angels, and Clara is between heartbeats after being killed by the raven. Bill is the latest "death" on Doctor Who, after being turned into a Cyberman. Just how will this death affect The Doctor moving forward when it comes to companions?

The Doctor Can't Stop Taking Companions

The idea of The Doctor no longer having companions is ridiculous. The premise of Doctor Who has been how he has interacted with the women (and sometimes men) on his TARDIS, throughout time and space. He has always known that his life is dangerous, but that hasn't stopped him in the past putting lives at risk for the sake of adventure.

Bill's "death" (since technically she's been "upgraded" as a Cyberman) isn't going to stop The Doctor from taking others on adventures. However, it will likely make him think carefully about who he takes with him. He won't want to go through the loss of another companion. The latest "deaths" have affected him deeply.

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Opting for Aliens Instead

All of The Doctor's companions since New Who have been human. He may need to rethink his choice of species for his next companion. After all, humans are breakable. They are among the weakest creations throughout time and space. Rather than choosing another human companion, he could opt for an alien.

It wouldn't be the first time this happened. During one of David Tennant's Christmas specials, "Voyage of the Damned," he offered to take an alien along for a ride. Kylie Minogue's character Astrid Perth looked forward to the idea of traveling, but instead sacrificed her life to save The Doctor.

In the original Doctor Who series, the first companion was a Time Lady. William Hartnell's Doctor took his granddaughter Susan on journeys throughout space and time. The Fourth Doctor, played by Tom Baker, had another Time Lady, Romana, who regenerated while with The Doctor. Peter Davidson also had an alien companion in the form of Kamelion, an android.

The use of alien species is certainly a possibility. There is one alien in particular that stands out right now, depending on how the Doctor Who Season 10 finale plays out on Saturday.

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Missy Could Become the Next Companion

Many Who fans have enjoyed Michelle Gomez's portrayal of Missy, also known as The Master. Formally The Doctor's enemy, Missy has attempted to become good and at times helped The Doctor throughout Season 10. Could it be possible that she will become the next companion --maybe even on an equal footing to The Doctor?

Right now, it's not clear which side Missy is really on. She has met her former regeneration, played by John Simms, who has been the creator of the Cybermen. The trailer makes it look like she has given into her former ways, but it is possible that it's all a ploy to later help The Doctor save humankind.

Bringing in another Time Lord would certainly help to take some of the pressure of death away from The Doctor. The Master/Missy would be able to regenerate if there was a problem. The issue would be constantly second-guessing Missy's actions moving forward. He would constantly wonder whether Missy was going to switch sides.

How do you think Bill's "death" will affect The Doctor moving forward? Will Doctor Who see another human companion or will the next be an alien? Share in the comments below.

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