'Doctor Who' 3.03 "Gridlock" - Recap
'Doctor Who' 3.03 "Gridlock" - Recap
Doctor Who returns to familiar ground in tonight's episode “Gridlock.”  Martha, still a fickle companion, asks for another trip, this time into Earth's distance future, and the good Doctor is happy to oblige.  This is the future earth we saw in roses day, a billion years on with all sorts of evolved intelligent animals.

The Face of Boe returns.  In case you don't remember, the face is a fleshy rectangle stretched on a frame with a face in the middle.  Handsome creature.   The Face senses the Doctor's presence and sends an evolved cat named Novice to track him down.  Meanwhile the Doctor and Martha discover mood peddlers selling moods like drugs in the underground city.  The Doctor objects and vows to shut them down.

In the midst of his diatribe, a couple snatch Martha and throw her into their car.  Turns out they need three passengers to travel in the fast lane.  They are trying to get to Boston for medical reasons, and the regular routes would take them six years. 

The Doctor hitches a ride with a family of cats and closes in on Martha, eventually jumping from the air car and bounding from vehicle to vehicle towards Martha's car.  Meanwhile, there are reports of creatures attacking the fast lane.  Before long they are facing a giant crab menace called Macras. 

Before the Doctor can come up with an ingenious plan, Novice shows up and teleports him to the Face.  The Face explains that the outside cities have been deserted, the residents wiped out due to the presence of a virus in one of the mood drugs.  The Face has been keeping the underground city powered using his own life force and he is now dying.  

The Doctor realizes that the abundant crab creatures will kill off the humans stuck in gridlock on the transport system if the outside world is not reopened, so he goes to the computer brain of the cities operations and reopens the exits.  He transmits a message to all the travelers to head outside.

Martha catches back up with the Doctor on her way up and catches the Face giving the Doctor a shocking piece of information.  He is not the last Gallifreyan.  Martha demands the truth from the Doctor, who admits that his planet was destroyed during the war with the Daleks.  But he still does not believe that there is another time lord, or does he?

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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