Dirty Sexy Money: Episode 2.4 "The Silence" Review
Dirty Sexy Money: Episode 2.4 "The Silence" Review
Season 2 of Dirty Sexy Money has been just as soapy and scandalous as season 1, but for some reason the ratings have slowly been sinking.  Not even the addition of Lucy Liu as sexy prosecutor Nola Lyons has helped the show win back distracted viewers.  The numbers for the previous outing may not have impressed, but the episode itself was a lot of fun.  Patrick finally reunited with Carmelita, Brian flew to Brazil to confront Andrea over her parenting skills, Nick convinced his mother not to testify against Letitia, and Karen realized that she's over Nick. 

Tonight's episode of Dirty Sexy Money focused heavily on Patrick and his newly rediscovered paramour, as he struggled to decide whether he should reveal his relationship with Carmelita to the nation.

The Dirty

In "The Silence," Patrick's dirty laundry threatened to spill out and jeopardize his political career on the eve of the election.  Much to Tripp's dismay, Patrick (William Baldwin) wanted to reveal his love for Carmelita on stage if he won the race for senator.  That would obviously be career suicide, but that scandal would pale in comparison to the trouble that Ellen's brother threatened to cause.  The man came to town to get revenge for his sister's death, believing that Patrick had her killed after she discovered his scandalous affair.  He threatened to go to the cops with the information, which forced Nick (Peter Krause) and Tripp to come up with a plan.

While coming up with a plot to get rid of Ellen's brother, Tripp (Donald Sutherland) figured out an easy way to scare off Carmelita: he simply told her the truth about Ellen's demise.  After learning that Patrick covered up the scandal and allowed the body to be burned inside the country home, Carmelita wanted nothing to do with the newly elected senator.  At least Patrick found a bit of joy in winning the election, even if he had to say goodbye to the woman he loves.

Simon Elder (Blair Underwood) also played dirty in this episode.  He dumped Karen after she failed to respond to his marriage proposal, then told Nick that it was all a ploy to win her over.  Simon knows that Karen only wants what she can't have, so breaking up with her would eventually lead her right back to him.  His plan worked perfectly, and he now plans to marry her only to get his hands on her shares in Darling Enterprises.  Nick knows about his true motivations, and though he tried to tell Karen (Natalie Zea), she didn't believe him.

Simon Elder was a bit of a shady character in season 1, but this year he's openly evil and manipulative.  I don't mind the change, as there's only so long he could walk the line between hero and villain, but it is a major shake-up from the first season.

The Sexy

The relationship between Jeremy (Seth Gabel) and Nola is still going strong, but I think it's one of the weakest story lines of the season.  The fact that Nick discovered their fling may make things more interesting, but I hope the romance comes to an end soon.  It seems like most of Jeremy's romantic subplots grind the show to a halt, though at least his flirtation with Lisa helps make her a tad more interesting.  Speaking of that duo. . .

The Money

Lisa (Zoe McLellan), who obviously longs to have her own plot line, allowed Jeremy to help her purchase an art gallery, despite Nick's insistence that she not partner with him.  This is the same Lisa who's always ranting to Nick about how he's too involved with the Darlings.  She decided to lie to her husband and tell him that she paid for the gallery on her own, but the secret is bound to come out sooner or later.

Money also solved Patrick's problems with Ellen's brother.  Nick was hesitant to pay the guy off, but Tripp convinced him to offer the man a cushy job at Darling Enterprises.  After all, the money the man would earn in a lawsuit wouldn't come close to his yearly salary at the company.  It's amazing how easily a death can be swept under the rug for the right amount of cash.

The Heart Attack

After telling Camelita the truth about Ellen, Tripp was confronted by an extremely angry Patrick.  His son's harsh words induced a mild heart attack, but Tripp will recover without a problem.  I'm predicting that Patrick won't bounce back so easily now that he has to move on without Ellen and his transgendered lover.  I'm not sure Patrick could handle the pressures of being in office on his best day, so how will he survive without a woman by his side?

Next week on Dirty Sexy Money, Nick tries to convince Tripp to cut Karen off from the Darling fortune.  Something tells me that won't make Simon Elder very happy.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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