Dirty Sexy Money: Episode 2.3 "The Star Witness" Recap
Dirty Sexy Money: Episode 2.3 "The Star Witness" Recap
Nick George spent the last episode of Dirty Sexy Money debating which Darling should take over the family business in Letitia's absence.  He eventually settled on Brian, but at the last minute Tripp decided that Nick should be the man in charge.  Will all that power go straight to his head?  In addition to that surprise twist, Jeremy discovered that Nola is prosecuting his mother, Patrick delivered a moving eulogy for his wife while thinking of Carmelita, and Simon admitted to Nick that Karen isn't fit to run a billion dollar corporation.

On tonight's Dirty Sexy Money, Nick discovers that his estranged mother will be testifying against Letitia at the murder trial.

Patrick (Billy Baldwin) is still using his wife's death to woo voters, but he's longing to come clean.  He can't handle all the lying, so he asks Nick to help him set up a confession with the police.  Nick, of course, calls Tripp instead of the cops.  Meanwhile, Jeremy and Nola are still enjoying their little fling, but she's not willing to be seen in public with him.

Nola meets with Nick (Peter Krause) to hand over the witness list for the trial.  Much to his surprise, his mother, Claire, will be testifying for the prosecution.  She was the last person to speak to Dutch on the day of his murder, and she's also been receiving cash from Letitia for years.  Shady!  Nick confronts Letitia (Jill Clayburgh) about the pay-offs, and she explains that the woman was bipolar and longed to flee the country to leave her son with a better life.

While Nick deals with his upcoming family reunion, Brian (Glenn Fitzgerald) talks to his son on webcam and decides that his mother is being too neglectful.  He talks to Nick to find a way to snag the kid from a foreign country, but that's one thing the lawyer can't pull off.  Since Nick is completely useless, Brian plans to go to Brazil on his own.

Patrick may be wrestling with his guilt, but Tripp (Donald Sutherland) thinks he should suck it up and deal with it.  If he goes public with the truth, Tripp thinks the cops may dig up the Carmelita scandal.  Patrick decides he's going to do the honest thing for once, whether his father likes it or not.  Meanwhile, Nick plans a trip to Paris to meet with his mother, which Lisa (Zoe McLellan) takes offense to since she's been trying to get him to do the same thing for years.  I hope Claire is crazy and bipolar in a fun way.

Karen and her new bangs are still upset that Nick is taking over the company.  She rants to Simon (Blair Underwood) about her ex, and he tells her that Nick has shown time and again that he doesn't really care about her.  He's tired of hearing stories about Nick, so he advises she talk to him one more time to find out if he gives a damn about her.  Over at Nola's law office, Jeremy (Seth Gabel) shows up with concert tickets, which she promptly rips to shreds before kicking him out.

You know who I don't really care about?  Lisa.  Karen (Natalie Zea) doesn't care much about her either, but that doesn't stop them from conversing when Karen stops by to look for Nick.  Lisa gets her bitch on and explains that her husband is in France, and she also rants about how Nick has abandoned her for his new role at the company.  Karen sincerely apologizes before taking her bangs elsewhere.

I'm sad to report that Claire shows no outward signs of insanity.  Nick shows up at her villa and confronts her about her stipend, which she refers to as a "severance."  He also gets a chance to meet his mom's French husband, who doesn't know that Nick is her son.  Nick stays for dinner and makes his mom feel guilty by talking about his loving family back home.

It's time for Patrick's debate against his fellow candidate, which just happens to be moderated by Dan Rather.  Patrick prepares to spill the beans after Dan asks a question about honesty, but he changes his story when Tripp walks in with Carmelita on his arm.  Did Tripp have her stashed away in his cellar this entire time?  While Patrick meets the press, Brian talks to his son in Brazil.  The kid explains that his mother isn't neglectful, but simply works every night.  She doesn't even cash the checks Brian sends every month.

Claire opens up to Nick about why she left all those years ago.  She knew she didn't belong in New York society, so she abandoned her son and took off.  Nick thinks she should have at least attempted to be a mother to him, but instead she took money from the Darlings and ran away.  He tries to get info out of her about what she plans to say at the trial, but the French husband tells him to leave.

Brian wants to know why Andrea is working when he sends her more than enough money to survive every month.  She doesn't want to live off the Darlings, but she eventually caves and agrees to quit her waitressing gig.  I only wish someone would pay me thousands of dollars not to work for a living.  Back in the states, Tripp explains to Patrick that, after she was driven away by his wife, Carmelita chose to remain in hiding to protect his political career.

As Nick prepares to go home, his mother meets with him to apologize for abandoning him.  She also claims that Dutch was planning to leave the Darling family for good on the day he died.  Claire was afraid that Dutch was going to flee the country to rekindle things with her, so she called Letitia for help.  Letitia said she would take care of everything, and Dutch was dead a few hours later.  Is it a coincidence?  Nick thinks so.

Karen's little chat with Lisa actually helped her get over Nick.  She realized that the Nick she fell in love with and wanted to marry is no longer around.  Simon is glad to hear it, especially since he'd like to marry Karen someday himself.

As Dirty Sexy Money wraps up, Claire tells Nola that she no longer plans to testify, Patrick reunites with Carmelita, Nick shares a touching maternal moment with Letitia, and Jeremy tries to get closer to his lady love.  Since she refuses to go to the concert, he gets the band to perform in her apartment.  It's a happy ending for everyone, though Brian is in for a shock when he lands back in America.  His son stowed away on the private jet without telling anyone, which just may lead to a nasty kidnapping charge.  What's the matter with kids today?

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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