Cox and Aniston Reunite on Dirt
Cox and Aniston Reunite on Dirt
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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On the season finale of Dirt, which aired Tuesday, March 27, 2007, Jennifer Aniston reunited with former 'Friends' co-star Courtney Cox as she guest starred on the episode entitled Ita Missa Est.

Dirt is a television drama broadcast on the FX Network, produced by Cox and husband David Arquette. On the said episode, Aniston played Tina Harrod, a lesbian editor of a rival magazine to Lucy Spiller, played by Courtney Cox. Apart from the much-awaited reunion of the two friends, the finale has another controversial tone, the kissing of Aniston and Cox.
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Aniston, a 38-year old native of Sherman Oaks, California, is an Emmy and Golden Globe-winning actress. She is also known as actor Brad Pitt’s former wife. As an actress, she escalated to stardom and gained worldwide fame with her role as Rachel Green on the sitcom Friends. After her stint on Friends, she worked in movies like Along Came Polly and The Break-Up among others. As for Cox, she is a 42-year old actress and former fashion model. She is popularly known for her portrayal of Monica Geller on the long-running series Friends, where she met and worked with Aniston.

Prior to Aniston’s participation, Cox told Extra about her reaction on Aniston’s appearance on her show. She said, "We talk about it all the time. What kind of character she should play, should she play herself or should we write some great thing for her…She'll come on for sure!" As for Aniston, she enthusiastically expressed her sentiments on appearing on her friend’s show. She said, “I would love to – if I was invited. Just to be able to work with my girl again! We have talked about it, we’ve danced around it.”

Although Aniston was set to appear on just one episode, an FX spokesman already disclosed on the possibility of Aniston having a recurring part on the show in the later seasons of Dirt.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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