(VIDEOS) Dissecting 'Dexter': This Week's Shocking Shooting, Next Week's Surprising Spoiler
(VIDEOS) Dissecting 'Dexter': This Week's Shocking Shooting, Next Week's Surprising Spoiler
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Spoiler alert: Unless you've watched Dexter season 6, episode 5, "The Angel of Death" or want to know what happens, read no further!

Last night's episode of Dexter saw our titular character quickly catching up with what the audience already knows about the identities of the Doomsday Killer(s), plus learning even more about peculiar Travis Marshall's backstory, while Quinn and Batista tried to get info out of Gellar's old teaching assistant. Well, Batista tried to get info. Quinn just tried -- and unfortunately succeeded -- to get some.

Then, at the end of the hour, we learned the answer to last week's big spoiler mystery: It was Brother Sam after all who would get shot several times, in his own garage and by an unknown (attempted?) killer. But I wouldn't go throwing the d-word (dead) around just yet, since the promo for next Sunday's episode, 'Just Let Go,' shows Brother Sam in a hospital bed. But, dead or alive, Brother Sam now has the power of vengeance on his side, as Dexter will work overtime to discover who shot his friend. And make them pay.

But according to one report, Brother Sam's shooting isn't the biggest shock that Dexter fans will get mid-season, as there's a new big spoiler mystery making the rounds. Read it, venture your guesses, and then watch three sneak peeks of next week's episode below:

Adam Wright of TVDoneWright.com, who has seen the first six episodes of Dexter season 6, posted this spoiler about next week's installment, "Just Let Go," complete with three cryptic clues:

"In the final scene of Episode 6, Season 6, we have a shocking return. This return is a familiar face from the past. The return is also significant because it could change the whole dynamic of Dexter. Not just Dexter Morgan, but DEXTER the series."

Clue 1: "She hasn't been gone for long, so don't expect a pretty blonde." [So... not Lumen? THANK GOD.]
Clue 2: "Dexter has secrets, he's like an unsolved quiz. But only a select few know who he really is."
Clue 3: "Shock, confusion, happy, angry...the reactions will no doubt vary. One thing is for sure, this twist will bring controversy."

WHO COULD IT BE? In the comments for his spoiler, Wright notes that Jonah Mitchell (Trinity Killer Arthur Miller's son) is set to return this season, but that information is "common knowledge to many," and thus not worth the spoiler hype. The character is also not necessarily female, Wright notes. Again, I beg of you, Dexter-heads: WHO COULD IT BE?! All my guesses are of zombie versions of dead people. But speaking of (maybe) dead people ... could this return be related to Brother Sam's shooting? Could our killer ALSO be the controversial returning cast member? I'm stumped, but excited.

Alright. On to this week's sneak peeks:

Episode Promo: "Just Let Go." Dexter may have inadvertently led to Sam's shooting, Quinn is a selfish man-slut who's ruining Deb's case and life, and even though Travis claims he never kills the victims, this week Gellar has given him a very violent assignment. Things are happeninggggg!

Sneak Peek 1: "Department of Social Services." Dexter looks into his main suspect in the mystery of who shot Brother Sam.

Sneak Peek 2: "Mr. Warmth." Well, I officially hate Gellar's former "teacher's assistant." She's so defensive and hostile and self-righteous. Then again, maybe I would be hostile too if the only guys I could sleep with (Professor Gellar, Quinn) were total scumbags who ruin EVERYTHING!

Tune in for "Just Let Go," airing Sunday at 9pm on Showtime.

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