(VIDEOS) Dissecting 'Dexter' Week 4: A Horse of a Different, Thoroughly Disturbing Color
(VIDEOS) Dissecting 'Dexter' Week 4: A Horse of a Different, Thoroughly Disturbing Color
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Spoiler alert: Unless you've watched Dexter season 6, episode 4, "A Horse of a Different Color" or want to know what happens, read no further!

Last night's Dexter episode brought Miami PD and Dexter significantly closer to pinning the right man (or rather, men) to the city's new gruesome series of murders. And, even more exciting for viewers like me who are more obsessed with the who and why than the how (even though the how is extremely theatrical and disgusting, in this case), the episode gave us lots of new information about who Professor Gellar and Travis are and why they are taking their religious extremism to such, err, extreme measures.

We learned that Gellar was a professor of religion at the University of Tallahassee, until he was fired for stealing the sword of John the Revelator, the author of the apocalyptic Book of Revelation -- the book on which Gellar is also the foremost expert, and which has inspired his end times beliefs and bloody sacrificial "tableaus." He even has a WEBSITE! (If this was How I Met Your Mother or Community, we'd be able to visit that website for ourselves. But alas...)

Now, with Deb and her team on the hunt for Gellar, and with Dexter using his own Dark Passenger to recognize the same darkness within Travis (even amid a swarm of locusts) we're one big step closer to watching these two massive opposing forces of good and evil -- which both believe they're the good side -- come to blows. But first, more investigating, and more murders. Check out these clips from next Sunday's episode, "The Angel of Death."

Episode Promo: "The Angel of Death." Professor Gellar isn't going to let a little "America's Most Wanted" scenario slow him down.

This seems a good time to ask: JUST HOW CREEPY was it when Gellar spied on Travis while he was having sex with that woman? The answer is very, very creepy. And gross. And also sort of hilarious. This guy really has a problem with boundaries.

Rewind: Scott Buck Talks about "Horse of A Different Color." Hear why they chose one victim instead of four to represent the Four Horsemen, what Brother Sam has to offer Dexter, and what's next in Dexter's "spiritual journey."

Something about the way Scott Buck says "...or may not," makes me think that Brother Sam hasn't cured himself of his Dark Passenger. Also because this is Dexter we're talking about, and the only completely pure characters allowed are Deb and Harrison. The question is: Will knowing Dexter put Brother Sam in a situation where his Dark Passenger takes over again? And if that happens, will he end up on Dexter's kill table? After all the bonding they did in the hospital waiting room, it's already hard to imagine Dex being able to cross that line with his new "friend."

Sneak Peek 1: "Either Light or Dark." Dexter investigates the evidence from the Doomsday Killer's latest victim, poor Waitress Erin who left this realm as a fallen angel. I have no idea where this scene is going, but I'm intrigued.

Sneak Peek 2: "Drawings." It seems that Gellar's old teaching assistant kept a few mementos of her experience with the nutty professor. Maybe part of being an insane end times extremist includes saving your prophetic detailed murder drawings in creepy leather-bound notebooks instead of on a computer?

That teacher's assistant seems awful and skanky. What's the over/under that Quinn will lay her before the end of the episode?

Share your thoughts and theories about this season of Dexter, these sneak peek videos and the Doomsday Killer in the comments!

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