(VIDEOS) Dissecting 'Dexter' Week 2: Missing Teeth, Missing Answers
(VIDEOS) Dissecting 'Dexter' Week 2: Missing Teeth, Missing Answers
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Last night's episode of Dexter gave us a lengthy look at one of this season's most intriguing and mysterious new characters: Brother Sam (played by Mos), an admitted murderer who got off on a technicality and has now devoted his life to seeking redemption and helping other ex-cons do the same. Or is he, as Dexter believes, just using his newfound Christianity as a "cover" for his immovable inner darkness?

We don't know the answer, and neither does Dexter, and this mutual "not knowing" serves the intrigue of Brother Sam's storyline, as well as serving as a nice narrative counterpoint to the story playing out with Professor Gellar (Edward James Olmos) and Travis (Colin Hanks), to which we've been selectively privy so far, while Dexter remains completely in the dark about the men destined to become his future enemies. But we still don't know much about them, beyond that they are Christians who think they're doing God's work by murdering and mutilating "sinners." But what, exactly, do they believe, and how did they come to believe it? Why those victims, and why those rituals, and why are they working together? Their interactions are so loaded, hushed and shrouded in unfamiliar extremism that I feel like I'm no closer to understanding Gellar and Travis's actions and motives than Dexter is. And he doesn't even know that they exist yet.

As the season goes on, I'm interested to see how the (so far) separate Brother Sam/Gellar and Travis threads become woven together, and whether the sense of mystery in these first two episodes will soon lead to exciting twists and shocking answers, or just more "not knowing." But: one positive thing about all this "not knowing"? It makes watching and analyzing the episode sneak peek videos more exciting! Even if all we come up with are more questions. Check out three sneak peek videos from next week's Dexter:

Dexter Sneak Peek: "A Look Ahead at Season 6"

Why would Gellar and Travis cut a body into pieces, sew the pieces to mannequins and send those mannequins up the street on "Alpha Omega" branded horses? Dexter sees that their "message" is important, but what IS that message? I'm sincerely asking you. Because I still have no idea. Is it something to do with crusaders? Meanwhile, we see that Brother Sam is serious -- ocean baptism serious -- about his new role as a leader in his church, but Dexter isn't quite sold on Sam's salvation yet.

Other glimpses of the rest of the season: Someone strapped up and murdered in a greenhouse, clearly done by Gellar and Travis to mimic the Crucifixion of Christ; a notebook full of disturbing pictures of suffering angels; someone holding a gun to Dexter's head; and a whole lot of plastic-wrapped, blindfolded, strapped down or otherwise incapacitated victims.

Episode 3 Sneak Peek, "Tooth Fairy":

A recent murder in Miami reminds Dexter of a serial killer he followed as a teenager, leading Dexter to believe that one of his early idols may have begun killing again (in his 70s?), and just guaranteed himself an appointment on Dexter's table. Will this Tooth Fairy play into the larger mysteries of the season, or become a Kill of the Week? From the description of the murders, which seem more about fetish than religion, I'm betting on the latter.

Episode 3 Sneak Peek, "Believe What You're Saying":

In this clip, Travis tries to get his latest prisoner to repent for his sins, but doesn't believe the man when he does. Gellar and Travis seem to think of themselves as God's instruments, so it makes sense that they would give their victims a chance to repent and save themselves before administering punishment. But forgiveness, logic and mercy don't seem to be their strong suits.

The mysteries will continue to unravel when Dexter season 6 episode 3, "Smokey and the Bandit," airs Sunday, October 16 at 10pm on Showtime. Check out photos from the episode below, and tell me in the comments: What's your take on Gellar and Travis so far? What message are they trying to send?

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