[Video] 'Dexter' Season 8: 11 Things We Learn from the Official Trailer
[Video] 'Dexter' Season 8: 11 Things We Learn from the Official Trailer
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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With the eighth and final season of Dexter just six weeks away, Showtime released the official three-minute trailer, and there are some juicy things, like more insight into Deb's downward spiral and a first look into Dexter's possible nemesis for the season.

Take a look for yourself:

Here's What We Learn:

1. A bench is dedicated to the memory of Maria LaGuerta. Dexter is there with an older-looking Harrison. Is it just me or is there a new Harrison? He doesn't exactly look like the Harrison from seasons past, just someone who looks similar. I'll have to keep my eye out on that.

2. Drugs, booze, men -- that's how Deb's dealing with killing LaGuerta. Can you really blame her?

3. Deb had to compromise herself for Dexter, and she hates him for it. She goes on to tell him she shot the wrong person in the trailer.

4. The latest killer on the loose in Miami likes to remove the back of victim's cranium -- like a piece of it has been "scooped out," Dexter says. Gross?

5. Miami Metro brings in a neuropsychiatrist Evelyn Vogel, who's written a book about the brains of psychopaths. Naturally, Dexter doesn't feel easy around her.

6. Evelyn brings in Dexter to ask what the Bay Harbor Butcher was like. Can't wait to see how he responds to that one! 

7. Deb's downward spiral continues, and she gets a DUI.

8. Dexter calls out for Harrison. Did someone snatch him?

9. Dexter confronts Evelyn, asking what she wants him from.

10. Deb reminds Dexter she's not like him, which is why she can't pretend like everything's fine the next day, week or month after.

11. Deb walks into work (well, assuming she still has a job at that point) looking very frazzled, drunk and probably high and tells Quinn she wants to make an official statement. About what? Is she going to admit that she killed LaGuerta to protect Dex?

The one glaring omission from the trailer is Hannah, even though she will be returning for the final season. Because it's the final season that's being pegged as "the end," everyone's fate is up in the air. Will Hannah make it to the end? Heck, will Dexter?

Other Characters Who Will Pop Up This Season:

- Jacob Elroy, an ex-cop turned private investigator played by Sean Patrick Flanery (Young and the Restless).

- Javier Guzman, a guy who gets mad when Deb gets in the way of the man he's supposed to kill (possibly one of her love interests?) He'll be played by Nick Gomez (The Walking Dead).

- Miles Foster, a rich businessman portrayed by Julian Sands (24).

- An antiques dealer who starts dating Dexter's neighbor played by Darri Ingolfsson (Last Resort).

- Cassie, the next door neighbor played by Bethany Joy Lenz (One Tree Hill).

Dexter Season 8 premieres Sunday, June 30 on Showtime at 9pm. Set a reminder after downloading the free BuddyTV Guide app to your iOS device

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