[Video] 'Dexter' Previews: 11 Things to Expect With Three Episodes Left
[Video] 'Dexter' Previews: 11 Things to Expect With Three Episodes Left
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
As we're another week closer to the end of Dexter, he has two priorities in his life that must get completed, or reach some sort of conclusion: kill Saxon and move to Argentina with Hannah -- in that order.

Of course, it's not that easy as evidenced by a look into the the remaining episodes. Check out the video below:

What to expect:

1. Dexter has one final kill in Miami before rides off into the sunset with Hannah and Harrison, even though she doesn't even want to wait that long because she doesn't think Saxon will follow them all the way to Argentina.

2. When Dexter tells Deb about his plans, she says what everyone's thinking: "Are you kidding? Moving to another country with a wanted fugitive?"

3. An impending storm might ground all the flights, which will complicate Dexter's grand plans -- and probably also speed it into motion.

4. Dexter and Saxon first meet at the station -- with Saxon being questioned by Quinn -- and then later, we see Saxon threatening Harrison and Debra's lives, saying they can be easily removed.

5. There's a character (don't know who that is) that gets punched by someone else, who we can't make out.

6. Someone gets injected with an IV. It sort of looks like an older man, neither Dexter nor Saxon.

7. Hannah and Harrison meet again because she picks him up. He must be so happy since he's been asking about her.

8. Someone is washing their hands of blood, looks like Dexter.

9. Dexter is outside and on the phone saying, "Don't touch her," as we see a man point a gun at what could be Hannah and Harrison, but it's too hard to tell because it's nightfall, in a dark bedroom.

10. Dexter and Elway are at the hospital, and Dexter throws him up against the wall. Is Debra in the hospital? Or possibly Hannah, since the video earlier showed the federal marshall telling Elway that he believes Debra's been keeping the fugitive safe. The only way Dexter and Elway would both be at the hospital is because of Debra/Hannah.

11. Dexter kicks down a door, and the next image is of Saxon pulling out a gun before the screen goes to black, and we hear a shot. At first glance, it appears they're connected but the backgrounds don't match up. It looks like Dexter's at someone house at night while Saxon might be at the police station, which begs the question, how the heck did he get a gun in?

What are your thoughts? Who do you think will be alive by the time the series ends?

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