Showtime Exec: 'Dexter' Endgame in Sight, Series Will Probably End After Season 8
Showtime Exec: 'Dexter' Endgame in Sight, Series Will Probably End After Season 8
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Since Showtime announced it renewed Dexter for two more seasons, the news has largely been met with frustration and skepticism online. Fans wondered when the series would ever reach its long-awaited endgame -- and, in light of this season's dragging and disappointing plotlines, whether they'd still care about their (former?) favorite serial killer at that point. Plus, on a show that relies heavily on twists, thrills and unexpected deaths, it's a little hard to buy into any immediate suspense when we know Dexter will survive -- almost surely uncaught -- for a couple more years.

Probably not the reaction Showtime was hoping for, but I highly doubt they didn't expect it. Concerns about Dexter's sustainability as a series are about one day younger than the series itself.

Well, Showtime president David Nevins wants us, the devoted but increasingly doubtful Dexter fanbase, to know that there is an end in sight. He tells EW that seasons 7 and 8 will likely be Dexter's last, and that the remaining two episodes of season 6 will set up the conclusion of the series.

Of course, the operative word in that sentence is "likely." When pressed if season 8 would definitely be the end, Nevins said, "I'm never going to say 'never,' but everybody is operating under that assumption. Things could take a turn creatively where they come to us and say they need more time."

(Snark corner: Yeah, because I'm sure creativity is the only reason the network that brought us Weeds season 8 would ever opt to extend one of their highest-rated series.)

But a tentative end date is better than no end date at all. EW's James Hibberd tells us that Nevins "pointed to NBC's Friday Night Lights, which he developed and produced while running Imagine Entertainment, and how being given an end date allowed showrunner Jason Katims to craft a strong final act." And Nevins sees Dexter following suit.

"Coming back for two more years gives us clarity about how and when it will go out," Nevins said. "Having that definitiveness always helps. We were able to plot very clearly. It's rare to have that degree of certainty." 

For all its meandering morality and mixed religious messages, Nevins says that the end of Dexter season 6 will propel the series straight into that double-season conclusion. "There's things that are going to happen [this season] that will set up a very clear endgame that will take two seasons to tell. You have got to be there for the last two episodes."

You'll have to judge whether Nevins is just doing his job, or if the next two Sundays really will bring the mind-blowing material we've been waiting for all season long. Here's a good sign: This promo for next Sunday's penultimate installment, "Talk to the Hand," definitely packs a punch.

Is it just me, or does part of this "endgame" seem to be Deb finally finding out about her brother's big secret?

How do you think Dexter the series, and Dexter the character, should end?

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