Showtime, 'Dexter' Bosses Take Extreme Measures Against Season 4 Finale Spoilers
Showtime, 'Dexter' Bosses Take Extreme Measures Against Season 4 Finale Spoilers
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The final episode of Dexter season 4 is set to air this upcoming Sunday at 9 PM on Showtime. The episode is titled "The Getaway," and looks poised to bring to a head the escalating conflict between our protagonist serial killer and his current nemesis, the Trinity Killer, played by guest John Lithgow.

Ratings have been way up for the season, and anticipation is mounting for fans in these final days as they speculate on the impending outcome of what will surely be an explosive showdown between two murderous foes.

Further proof that next week's episode will blow the minds of Dexter fans: the network and show heads are being even more cautious than usual to protect any spoilers or footage of the finale from leaking before airtime.

Watch a brief clip from Sunday's Dexter finale.

Apparently a twist is coming in the episode that is so unexpected and massive that it will change the entire series as we know it.

And that's saying a lot for Dexter. Shocking plot developments and sudden twists are the show's bread and butter.

The extreme measures of secrecy are proof enough that this rumor has some weight to it. Says Korbi of Zap2It:

"We're told non-disclosure agreements were signed by everyone on staff and at the network, decoy scripts were drafted and disseminated, each and every screener was watermarked and sets were closed to anyone that didn't absolutely have to be around during shooting."

In an interview after the penultimate episode of season 4 aired, titled "Hello, Dexter Morgan," head writer and executive producer Clyde Phillips kept tight-lipped about "The Getaway," except to tease viewers that the conclusion will "blow the top of your head off."

Could that be a hint at the impending demise of a major character--namely the Trinity Killer? Of course, Phillips wouldn't say.

"It's the most exciting episode we've ever done," said Phillips. "And we've done some pretty amazing stuff."

Phillips also revealed that he personally took home the footage of next week's final scene and destroyed it, as yet another measure against any spoilers making their way to the web before Sunday.

Watch the full hour-long interview with Phillips at, in which he answers fans' questions, responds to theories, talks about his creative process in crafting the series, and reveals a few inadvertent hints about the finale... if you listen carefully. Fascinating stuff.

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