Jimmy Smits Joins the Cast of 'Dexter'
Jimmy Smits is back.  The veteran actor, best known for his role on NYPD Blue, has joined the cast of Showtime's Dexter.  Dexter, which stars Michael C. Hall as a crime scene expert for the Miami Police Department who moonlights as a serial killer, is currently filming its third season which is set to premiere on Showtime this Fall.  Smits will play Miguel Prado, a high-powered, charismatic district attorney who comes from one of the most powerful families in the Miami area.  He and Michael C. Hall's Dexter will join forces as they investigate a murderer with important ties to both of them.  Smits will appear in ten of the twelve season three episodes.

Jimmy Smits is coming off last season's disappointing CBS drama Cane.  In Cane, Smits portrayed the patriarch of a Cuban family in Miami who ran a successful rum business.  It was a Scarface/Godfather sort of series, one with all sorts of potential than no one ended up watching.  Smits was very good in the lead role, and it's a shame that Cane never caught on with audiences.  For one, it was one of the very few TV series to feature a main cast entirely made of latino-Americans. 

Dexter recently ended a run on Showtime's sister network CBS.  Due to the lack of programming amid the writers' strike, CBS took Dexter's first season and edited it for mass consumption.  The move was a minor controversy, with all of the typical groups upset that CBS would air such a violent series on network television.  These groups often forget how violent even mainstream shows on network television can be (where were they, for instance, when Jack Bauer bit the neck off of a terrorist in 24's sixth season?  The lesson, as always: extreme violence is OK, as long as its perpetrated against anonymous terrorists).

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: The Hollywood Reporter
(Image Courtesy of CBS)