Dissecting 'Dexter' (Videos): What is Jordan Hiding? And Who's at the Door?
Dissecting 'Dexter' (Videos): What is Jordan Hiding? And Who's at the Door?
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Last week on Dexter, in episode 8, "Take It!", we watched as Jordan Chase revealed he might know too much about Dexter. And he's also a big fan of Trinity's. That's never a good sign. As Lumen and Dexter close in on him, and Liddy closes in on them, might Jordan also be plotting his own attack? The guy's motto is "Take it," so he's not one to sit around and wait, especially now that his chief of security has gone suspiciously missing. What's he hiding, besides his involvement in the Barrel Girl killings? Will he reveal any more secrets, or take any more victims, before Dexter gets him on the table?

Next week's Dexter episode, titled "Teenage Wasteland," brings the show one step closer to answering these questions. Here is the episode description: "While in the midst of hunting down their next victim, Dexter and Lumen are surprised by the return of an unannounced guest. Debra is assigned to the file room, but still manages to uncover new evidence in the Barrel Girl case." Watch the sneak peek videos from the episode:

Episode 9 Preview:

Ahhhhhhh! Creepy winking Peter Weller! Creepy, blood-rubbing Jonny Lee Miller! Someone's breaking in! What's going on? Let's keep moving:

"The Fractured Self":

Well, it's been a few years since I read Plato's "Symposium," but I can still appreciate the irony of Jordan preaching to Dexter about the "fractured self." (Or maybe the implication? How much does Jordan REALLY know?) I won't pretend to have any idea what we are going to learn about Jordan Chase by the end of this, but I like that Dexter is spending so much time with him, plotting to kill him while at the same time learning from him. It feels like the early days with Trinity all over again. Except ... sweatier.

"They're Inside":

So ... who's at the door? The episode is called "Teenage Wasteland," and the description says the episode hosts "the return of an unannounced guest," which immediately leads me to believe that the "intruder" is actually Astor, though I hate when shows, especially shows as intense as Dexter, pull their punches in such a cliche way. (Though can you imagine the angst-and-confusion battle that might go on between Astor and Lumen? It could be epic!) The other obvious intruder is Liddy, but after watching his sly maneuvers to learn about Lumen last week, I doubt he'd be so upfront about breaking and entering.

As for the vial of blood that Jordan wears around his neck, I have only one theory, and it's admittedly idiotic: Vampire? No? OK, then I have no idea.

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