'Dexter' Videos: Cut to the (Jordan) Chase
'Dexter' Videos: Cut to the (Jordan) Chase
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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In the amazing but totally inappropriate words of Debra Morgan: Well, s*** a brick and f*** me with it, Dexter is getting intense, isn't it? With only two episodes left in season 5, we are about to see Dexter do what Dexter does best: Close out with an explosive, bloody, and likely shocking conclusion. With Liddy, Quinn, Jordan Chase and Lumen all posing various threats to Dexter's continued survival, you can bet the kill-count will rise before season 5 ends.

But how will it all go down, and who will become a casualty of the Chase chase? Check out a sneak peek and preview for Sunday's new Dexter episode, "Hop a Freighter":

Episode 11 Preview, "Hop a Freighter":
Just when you thought things couldn't get more intense ... they get INTENSER! Only two episodes left, and next Sunday we will see what happens when Dexter and Lumen close in on Jordan, and Quinn and Liddy close in on Dexter and Lumen, and Deb does her best to close in on all the closers-in ... who will close in first? And who will DIE? Ahhhh!

Episode 11 Sneak Peek, "A Blindspot":

Watch as Dexter and Lumen plan their attack on Jordan Chase. Not sure if it's cynicism or just learning experience from watching Dexter for five seasons, but all this flirting and closeness between Dex and Lumen makes me worry for her well-being. Especially now that she just volunteered to use herself as BAIT. This clip also puts particular emphasis on Dexter's relationship with Deb. With Quinn about to discover Dexter's extracurricular activities, could this be the season that Deb finally discovers the truth about her brother? The way Dexter ominously mentions Deb's "blindspot" makes me think that blindspot might not exist for much longer, with all the clues piling up around Deb.

I don't know what exactly will shock us most about the final two episodes of season 5, but there's one thing I'm willing to bet on: Now that Dexter has discovered the camera in his house, Liddy is as good as dead.

Another Sneak Peek: "A Twin"
Awww, crap. Masuka just put on his Mr. Detective Hat, and this time, he's actually right about something! Meanwhile, Dexter can't get ANYTHING right anymore. Think it has anything to do with how he now has a partner/loverrrr who is new to the murder biz and is complicating his already complex double-existence? And who can't keep her stupid heavy boots from making stupid perfect footprints all over the place? TREAD LIGHTLY, LUMEN! This is the murder biz, and you are in danger of getting FIRED from it! (By getting dead.)

Just For Fun: Play Showtime's Dexter Interactive Investigation Youtube game. Help Dexter solve a murder and then kill the man responsible. You even get to inject the syringe. As far as fake murder games on Youtube go, it's pretty neat!

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