'Dexter' Without the "Code of Harry"
'Dexter' Without the "Code of Harry"
Showtime's Dexter began season 2 with Dexter Morgan unable to satisfy his killer urges for over a month due the discovery of his underwater dumping ground for his victims and the constant surveillance of Sgt. Doakes. After he realized that he was the cause of his father's death, Dexter started to questions his identity and the “Code of Harry,” the belief system that rationalizes his existence and survival as a serial killer. In the explosive ending, Sgt. Doakes died and Dexter was able to get himself out of the tricky situation.

Now, Dexter is ready to embark on new bloodlust adventures, carefully killing the criminals that have slip through the justice system without the “Code of Harry.”

“The story Dexter was telling himself about his father and his code revealed itself to be just that, a story. Dexter is on the cusp of taking a new sense of ownership over who he is, and who he is a killer. It's kind of twisted, but I think this has all moved Dexter to a place where he's a more fully realized and potent killer,” Michael C. Hall, who portrays Dexter Morgan, told the LA Times in an interview.

While the next season of Dexter will surely open different opportunities and directions for his serial killer character, Hall admits that future episodes of the psychological thriller won't be the same without his nemesis, portrayed by Erik King.

“I think Dexter always felt a kinship with Doakes, who emerged as a really legitimate confidant. Aside from his father, Doakes is the only one Dexter has killed in front of…that's pretty intimate… I will miss Erik King very much. As an actor, as a professional, as a genuinely enthusiastic and kind member of our family, it's going be rough not having him around… Some new source of suspicion and tension will need to emerge on the show, but I don't think it can quite have the unique character that that relationship had,” Hall said.

So far, there is no word yet on when season 3 will air, though Showtime president Robert Greenblatt has already enthusiastically hinted Dexter's pickup for season 3 during an event hosted by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in California last November.

Meanwhile, fans can catch the first season of Dexter beginning Sunday, February 17 at 10pm on CBS.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: LA Times
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