'Dexter' Unveils Preview Clips for Tomorrow's "Si Se Puede"
'Dexter' Unveils Preview Clips for Tomorrow's "Si Se Puede"
This season of Dexter is undeniably leaving fans for more, with every episode filled with drama and heart-stopping mystery and intrigue.  Way before the season began, the show’s stars and production staff have promised us a grueling season that will delve deeper into the complex emotions of Dexter, who has now found a friend in Miguel Prado, played by none other than Jimmy Smits.

"The idea of having a friend like Miguel is seductive," executive producer Sarah Colleton told the New York Times last month.  "They go fishing.  Miguel teaches Dexter how to golf.  They emotionally bond over the fact that both of them had very strong-willed fathers who didn’t believe in them."

Moreover, Colleton explained that Miguel is “very morally complex” like Dexter himself.  “You see an emotional side to him, a very hard side to him, a humorous side to him.  There are a lot of notes available to play.”

Tomorrow’s Dexter will feature the episode entitled “Si Se Puede,” which will see Dexter as he deals with Miguel, “who thinks he is clued in to Dexter's vigilante ways,” as Movie Web reports.  Moreover, Dexter tests the waters with Miguel and tries to see how far he can go.  In fact, Dexter admits that he wants to take matters into his own hands regarding a violent supremacist who’s already locked up in jail.  Surprisingly, Miguel goes along with the plan.

Meanwhile, Rita gets fired from her job, thus making her wonder if she’ll really land a career someday.  Debra on the other hand, gets very upset over the possibility that she may be responsible for another mysteriously skinned homicide case she’s trying hard to solve.

Check out the preview clips below for tomorrow’s episode entitled “Si Se Puede.”

Starring Michael C. Hall as the titular character, Dexter airs tomorrow at 9pm on Showtime.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: New York Times, Movie Web
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