'Dexter' Spoiler Mystery: 'The Angel of Death' is Coming For...
'Dexter' Spoiler Mystery: 'The Angel of Death' is Coming For...
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
SPOILER ALERT: In this Dexter scoop, the who and why are all speculation, but the what and how are spoilers.

Well, at least we know this Sunday's Dexter episode is accurately named.

In his spoiler roundup this week, TVLine's Michael Ausiello threw Dexter fans a major, mysterious curveball with his answer to one fan's question: "What's up next for my favorite serial killer?"

Replied Ausiello, "I just found out that someone gets shot and (presumably) dies in this Sunday's episode and I am not happy about it. Not at all."

It's not abnormal for characters to die on Dexter. But it is abnormal for those deaths to warrant sadness and unhappiness. And that can only mean one thing: A major character will meet their doom in this Sunday's Dexter installment, "The Angel of Death."

This week's episode sneak peeks give us very few clues, except that when we pick back up, Batista and Quinn will be knee-deep in Doomsday Killer research, this time visiting Professor Gellar's former teacher's assistant to find clues about his next moves. Could their investigation lead to one of our favorite flawed detectives ending up in a crossfire with Gellar, Travis or the unhelpful assistant? It's hard to imagine an event that major happening in episode five -- just like it's hard to imagine either of our villains biting the dust so soon, either.

Who else could it be? There are plenty of new minor characters on Dexter this season, some whose deaths might warrant Ausiello's deep displeasure: Dexter's angelic nanny Jamie, Masuka's thieving assistant Ryan and Dex's buddy Brother Sam (Mos Def) all come to mind, though I'm hard-pressed to come up with a single compelling theory or scenario in which any of them might take a bullet.

I'll leave it up to you, then: What do you make of this spoiler? Could it be a red herring? Or will one Dexter character go toward the bright light before the end of the episode? And if so, who?

As for that other Dexter theory that's been making the rounds -- that Gellar is Travis's own personal Harry, his serial killer Jiminy Cricket, as it were -- Ausiello nipped that one in the bud, too, saying it's about as likely as Travis being "the Tooth Fairy's son." Back to the drawing board, Dexter-heads.

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